Salena Kulkarni

Strategies: Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education

She claims: “The percentage of people who actually have some success with property investing is miniscule. Only 0.065% of the population own five or more investment properties.
So what are these investors doing differently?
Having worked with hundreds of investors over the last 15 years, I recognise successful investors have three things in common:
They have strategy,
They access premium opportunities, and
Their execution is seamless.
At Phoenix Wealth Group we deliver all of these elements in a personalised and comprehensive way.
So if you’re looking to really set yourself apart from what the majority of investors are doing, the simplest way to start this journey is by booking a Jumpstart Call.
This is a no obligation 30 minute discussion designed to give you complete clarity on whether property investing is right for you, what level of wealth you should be aiming for, the action steps you need to take to achieve your goals and what some of the barriers to your success might be.
I’d be honoured to be part of your journey and look forward to connecting with you in the near future.”