Sam Seiden (USA)

Strategies: Share trading education, Share trading software, share market investing and trading

Cons: Trading Schools says: “[Avoid this whack-a-doodle.] Fresh off his latest “get rich scam” known as The Online Trading Academy, where Sam Seiden and his cohorts admitted to a $360 million dollar fraudulent “investment school” scam, he now wants you to fork over thousands of dollars for yet another “investment school” scam. Apparently, running investment school scams is Sam Seiden’s specialty. This latest “investment school” appears to be a hastily regurgitated version of his last scam, but with the added touches of ancient Rome. Just when you think that things couldn’t get any nuttier in this industry…Sam Seiden arrives to prove us all wrong. Back with yet another “investment school” named The Seiden Strategies.”; The Seiden Strategies Review: Scam or Legit? TopedgeFX; and Sam Seiden Goes Down – ForexFactory.
Seiden claims: “The Seiden Strategies was created by our team of financial market specialists having decades of experience, carefully crafted for peak performance. It includes short and mid-term market specialists and long-term money managers and financial planners. The combination of real-world experience, our proprietary strategies, and the latest technology allows us to stay true to our mission of world class financial market analysis and member success.”