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Sean Summerville

Website: The Propery King

Cons: see threads at PropertyChat. He claims: “[he] began investing in property around 20 years ago using traditional strategies which generally do not produce fast wealth, but over a 25 year period can produce great results. However most people cannot sustain a plan of this type as it usually does not produce sufficient cashflow to be affordable on a normal wage. It is uncommon for the average property investor to purchase more than two investment properties. He discovered that there are non traditional ways to buy and invest in property which most people are unaware of, but they are strategies used by the “big end” of town. These alternative ways of buying and controlling property can vastly speed up the wealth creation process.
Sean spent a large amount of time and money researching how to control property using options, and making the strategy work on small property investments instead of on large property deals (as they are normally used by larger property development companies). Over a period of several years, he fine tuned these strategies to become one of Australia’s leading experts in using lease options to control and purchase single family homes. Amongst a small closed group of investors who met regularly to discuss and share ideas on these alternative strategies, Sean became known as the “No Money Down King” as his reputation grew for controlling houses with just a $2 coin.
Soon word began to spread, and Sean began receiving calls from other investors who hunted him down to find out how he was able to buy houses this way. He was beginning to spend a lot of time helping teach others how to do the type of transactions which had made him a huge cashflow from houses without ever having to obtain bank loans for them.
Eventually there was so much demand on his knowledge and skills that he decided to hold a seminar workshop to teach everyone all at once rather than individually. This led Sean to hold regular events and has put his knowledge into a homestudy course so that more people can access this knowledge. Today Sean continues to extend his knowledge in Property Investing, his EDUCATION of ‘others’ is a deep passion of his. It is though his products Sean can share his experiences and knowledge to continue to benefit you and share with you,so you can become the most successful you possible.”

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