Simon Buckingham

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They claim: “The media is full of conflicting opinions about whether the property market in different parts of the country will rise or fall in the months ahead.
Many areas are growing strongly in value… but the reality – and the very real risk – is that property values won’t rise in every suburb, and some will even see significant falls over the next year.
As an investor seeking to maximise profits and avoid losses, it is therefore essential to know which suburbs are likely to BOOM, and which suburbs are more likely to FALL, and to know the right property investing strategies for current market conditions. Otherwise you’re gambling your financial future.
The question is – where can you turn for good independent advice and help to cut through the confusion, identify the right areas and teach you the right strategies, so that you can make significant profits in today’s property market?
Australia’s Best INDEPENDENT Property Mentoring
That’s where we can help. Unlike real estate agents, buyers agents or property spruikers, we won’t ever try to sell you a property. Instead, we’ll train you to become a well-educated and sophisticated real estate investor who sensibly uses property to make more money in a handful of months than most people make in years.
What’s more, your newfound skills will mean that you’ll never need to rely upon anyone else for your success, and give you the confidence to face new challenges as you grow your investing prowess and your wealth – for the rest of your life! …
Consistently for several years we’ve been training people from all walks of life on how to use property to make exceptional profits. In the last 12 years we’ve mentored over 2000 property investors.
Created by a team of experienced and successful property investors, RESULTS is a professionally run mentoring program where each year we take in a limited number of dedicated investors to be trained in the art of making large sums of money from everyday property deals in any market conditions …
Simon Buckingham A highly experienced investor, Simon has purchased more than 80 properties in the last 8 years alone, using a broad range of strategies including positively-geared residential rentals, vendor finance deals, renovations, developments and commercial properties, both within Australia and overseas.Holding university degrees in Commerce and Law, and with over 10 years’ experience as a business consultant, Simon turned his back on corporate life forever following the births of his two children and now spends his time investing, developing property, and building businesses – while teaching others how they can do the same. He has personally coached hundreds of investors in techniques that can be used to profit from property in any market, and has presented to thousands of people at property conferences and seminars around Australia and New Zealand.
Simon’s opinions on the property market and real-world investing strategies are frequently featured in Smart Property Investment magazine and Property Observer. He is co-author of critically acclaimed property book The Real Deal, and a Director of Australia’s premier mentoring service for property investors: the RESULTS Mentoring Program.
Brendan Kelly
With a wide breadth of experience built up over 19 years of investing in property, Brendan’s expertise spans multiple property strategies including renovations, subdivisions, growth properties, positive cash flow deals, industrial properties and even vendor finance. Brendan helped establish the RESULTS Mentoring Program and has since personally mentored over a thousand people in all aspects of property investing.
Today, as a public speaker, professional investor and Director of the RESULTS Mentoring Program, Brendan contributes regularly to articles in Your Investment Property magazine, Smart Property Investment magazine, and other property media offering tips for property investors. He presents regularly at seminars and donates his time to local investor networking groups as a motivator and educator on property investing and wealth creation strategies. Brendan co-wrote The Real Deal: Property Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, published in 2010 by Wright Books.
Tony Lambrianos
An accomplished property investor and master negotiator with dozens of property deals under his belt both locally and overseas, Tony also brings his 20 years of business acumen to the RESULTS Mentoring Program as a Property Mentor and Director.
Now retired from the ‘rat race’, Tony has consulted with some of the largest blue-chip international corporations and government organisations in Australia. Today he presents regularly at seminars and investor networking groups, and his highly acclaimed negotiation workshops for property investors are not to be missed!
Lynn Buckingham
The other half (some would say the ‘better half’) of the Buckingham investing duo, Lynn has similarly extensive experience across multiple properties and varied strategies, including residential and commercial rentals, renovations, subdivisions and developments.
As an active investor and a mother of two young children, Lynn understands the time management challenges faced by investors seeking to balance investing and family life, and brings a passion for hands-on projects as well as a refreshing female perspective to property investing as a Mentor in the RESULTS Mentoring Program.
Leon Madigan
A property development veteran with over 40 years’ experience, Leon’s expertise is unrivalled in this field… having built houses, units, apartment buildings, office blocks, underground mines (yes – mines!), hydropower dams, shopping centres and everything in between! Whether you’re trying your hand at your first single house development or a 100-office skyscraper, it’s unlikely you’ll ever face a property development question that Leon doesn’t know the answer to!
Leon’s wealth of knowledge is available at no additional cost, exclusively to members of the RESULTS Mentoring Program.
In addition to personal 1-on-1 mentoring from the core RESULTS team, you’ll be supported by many other experts across the course of the program.
You’ll have access to our own trusted accountants, financiers, building inspectors and other specialists. Plus you’ll learn insider tips from other special guest advisors on webinars and at members-only power networking events!”