Steve Navratil (aka Steve Navra)

Strategies: Financial planning, Mentoring, Property investing

Updated April 2023

Cons:  NavraInvest Limited Deregistered by ASIC on 30 Nov 2020, Forum, and Steve Steve Navra; Supreme Court battle prompts calls for ‘retrospective’ fund for financial victims, Leigh Sales, ABC 7.30 Report; Investors pursue Steve Navra over $150m they claim still exists,  John Rolfe, Daily Telegraph and Couple takes on Bendigo and Adelaide Bank over loan demands from failed investment, John Rolfe, The West Australian; While Tristan fought for his country, his money disappeared; A Black Forest: pain for forgotten victims of a financial disaster, SMH;  Steve Navratil aka Steve Navra and Steve Navra – Economics References Committee 2015-08-06
He claims: “[he] has a twenty-year history of assisting Australian families to safely acquire and build their investment property portfolios. With his broad industry experience he is one of the most qualified people to assist you in getting started. Steve has a background in accountancy, stock broking, funds management, financial planning and, most importantly, real estate. This level of financial experience is what allows him to assist you in choosing
from a vast array of financial disciplines to implement a sound financial structure.
…  My Property Mentor is an independent property advisory group with the aim of building long-term relationships with our clients. Our interaction will not be just one single transaction – we aim to use our experience and personal approach to advise and support our clients through the purchase process, and then through building their property portfolio.
We source property nationally for individual investors. To ensure the best possible return, we only acquire property at the correct time and at Real Value (PricingReality™). We encourage our clients to invest in ‘Conforming Property’ which fits a very precise criteria checklist to ensure that the best growth potential is achieved.”