Stuart Zadel

Strategies: Property investing education, Renovations, Wealth education

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They say: “Formed in 2007, Zadel Property Education Pty Ltd (ZPE) is an Australian wealth education company, providing free and paid workshops in six major capital cities across the country. ZPE provides access to specialist education and delivers expert insights into strategies designed to achieve results in the current Australian market. These strategies aim to provide the foundation for your success in the new economy, primarily through property, as well as shares and mindset. Whether you’re a complete newbie or you’ve already cut your teeth in property investment, I believe that we’ve got the perfect strategy for you! ZPE has a mission to inspire greater financial awareness within the wider Australian community by 2020 through its 5 Inspiring Goals:

  • Inspire A Community Of 1,000 Financially Abundant Australians – Will You Be Next?
  • Inspire 100,000 People Live At Our Events – Currently 73,822 attendees
  • Inspire Through The Distribution Of 1,000,000 Books – Currently 615,489 distributed
  • Inspire The Contribution Of $1,000,000 To Worthwhile Causes – Currently $471,591.60 contributed
  • Inspire The Planting Of 1,000,000 Trees In Australian Soil – Currently 45,297 planted = 27,006 (ZPE) + 18,291 (Clients).”

His team, associates, past associates:
Cherie Barber – Renovating for Profit
Dominique Grubisa – Buying Distressed Real Estate & Asset Protection
John Lindeman – Property Market Analyst
Bob Andersen – Billion Dollar Developer
Andrew Baxter – (Professional Trader, Coach, Author And Mentor)