Suzi Daphnis

Strategies: Business investing, Marketing, Networking, Personal Development, Women, Women and Business

(previously The Australian Businesswomen’s Network) She claims:
“Ever since I started my first business in the spare room of my apartment in 1994, I’ve been a big believer in the power of business to create freedom and to be a way to express our passion and make a difference and change the world. And for the past 20 years, that’s what we’ve been committed to helping women in business do. Today, HerBusiness is a thriving community of more than 30,000 women (and men) from around the world who are stepping up and taking action by starting and growing the businesses and lives they love. Our members know that having a support network keeps them strong – even when they’re feeling vulnerable or stuck. They realise that in order to have a breakthrough in their business, they need to have a breakthrough in their knowledge – so they love learning. They are lifelong learners who know they can draw on the hundreds of hours of tuition in their online library whenever they want or attend the many live webinars, training courses and in-person events we regularly host.
Our members know they have a place where they can learn from many of the world’s greatest thought-leaders, like Seth Godin, Tara Mohr and Guy Kawasaki and find the mentors they need to grow.
They understand that even though it may feel like they are the ONLY person with this or that problem… it’s likely someone else has experienced and solved that very same issue before. They know it’s only a matter of reaching out and asking for the help they need – because there’s great power in learning from other people’s experience.
Our Members know that feeling alone in business can happen and they’ve found they can overcome that sense of isolation by connecting with other business owners.
Our Members take action and they don’t get hung up on mistakes.
They care about each other and they care about their clients.
And they want to make a difference.
is an online membership community designed to teach women the skills to start, manage and grow their business.”