Thank You

Strategies: Change the world, Social enterprise

They say: “There’s a darkness in our world. 1 billion people live in extreme poverty.
It’s made darker by the fact that in this same world, extreme consumerism exists.
Each day as consumers, we give billions of dollars to the world’s largest multinationals for everyday products. Together, we think it’s time to bring the light.
It started with an impossible idea: a bottle of water that exists to help end the World Water Crisis. That idea has now grown to over 55 products, from personal care products to nappies and baby care.
We are Thankyou, a social enterprise that commits 100% of our profit to end global poverty. Today, you can find us in over 5,500 outlets in Australia, including all major supermarkets. The Thankyou consumer movement has raised millions of dollars to get safe water, toilets and child and maternal health programs to hundreds and thousands of people in need.
What began as an impossible idea, dreamed up by Daniel Flynn, his best mate Jarryd, and girlfriend (now wife) Justine, is now backed by a passionate team of 50, and a consumer movement of thousands.
‘Consumer movement’ could sound like a fluffy, throw-away phrase. But picture this. For 5 years, the major supermarkets in Australia had said no to Thankyou. Then one day we launched this video and thousands of people began petitioning to the supermarkets. Two LEGENDARY helicopter pilots, Peter and Geoff, donated their time to fly these signs above the head offices of those two supermarkets and in record-breaking time, both said yes. Products hit the shelves, including our hand wash that has since become number one in the category. You might have seen it at your fave brunch spot.
With the idea working in Australia, we launched a book titled “Chapter One” to crowdfund the launch of Thankyou in New Zealand and beyond. Within two hours of this launch video, we’d raised $360,000, with now over $1.9 million raised and counting. The book is sold at a pay what you want price with people paying from $0.05 (don’t be that guy) to $50,000 for a copy. In airport bookstores it was second to only the Harry Potter book launch. And it’s only the first chapter.
Write the future with us..”