Tim Riley

Strategies: Joint ventures, Property developer

They say: “is a collaborative development model that brings people together to develop inner-city townhouse projects at cost. By working as a collective and increasing group buying power we provide a more affordable alternative for people to own great homes in great locations …
We bring groups of like minded individuals together into collectives, source sites and manage projects from inception through to completion.
By bringing people together and purchasing sites that specifically meet the needs of the collective, we avoid incurring sales and marketing costs and save the cost of providing a profit margin to speculative developers. These savings can amount around 15% of a completed home.
In 2013 we completed a 4 townhouse project and since then have begun working with 48 participants delivering 54 homes across 8 projects in inner Melbourne. We are also researching projects in Adelaide, Canberra and New Zealand.
Want to participate in a 5-10 dwelling project in the inner suburbs of Melbourne? We are always interested to hear from like-minded people with an interest in participating in future projects.
Property Collectives collaborative development model
We also offer groups who want to do their own syndicate or joint venture advice, contacts and access to our property development structure. We provide advice on all stages of the property development process:

  • Legal structure establishment
  • Feasibility, project administration & capital raising
  • Purchase finance for land acquisition
  • Town planning approval – sketch design and design development
  • Working drawings and Building permit approval
  • Tender process and building contract negotiations
  • Construction finance
  • Construction and contract administration
  • Take out finance”