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He says: “Property investment advice, tips, and information found on this web site comes from qualified professionals and every day investors walking their talk. You can read all about it here or if you’re ready to invest right now and want to make a free property service enquiry, simply click …
Looking for an Accountant: Beware – I have had an extremely poor experience with one particular person who belongs to an Australian and NZ wide firm and I am willing to spill the beans if you are at all interested in avoiding my experience…
You’ll find info from 1st time property investment buyers through to ‘Financial Advice’ providers covering the A-Z of property, mortgages, home renovation tips and more.
‘Yes, if it has to do with property then it’s either here or coming’.
You will quickly find that it is a brilliant resource because its fact not fiction! And if your looking to build wealth with property then you have come to a great resource. Yes, ‘bricks and mortar’ property investment is a time tested and proven wealth builder for so many. – So much so that it is responsible for making more millionaires than any other investment vehicle on the planet!
And yes, even average income earners can and are doing it!
I’ll share my story and loads more in a moment.
Are you thinking that you don’t have the money to own an investment or think you couldn’t possibly afford to build a property portfolio?
Read on because the best ‘non-financial’ property investment advice that I could ever give is that…
‘It’s not what you earn but what you do with what you earn that really counts, and yes if you earn more, then do more with the more that you earn!’
If it’s property investment info’ that you want, then take a browse around the information packed property investment advice, tips and information pages right here and your sure to find what you’re looking for.
There’s lots of free info and dedicated resources to help you achieve your own financial freedom with that time tested proven wealth builder called bricks and mortar.
Including great tips for structuring yourself financially the right way, choosing investment property, tax issues, insurance and more… and yes you’ll also find links to appropriate resources if you want ‘financial’ property investment advice + brokers, + property investment membership sites + settlement agencies + free newsletters and much more. Even a great place to get away for a week/end by the lake… but more on that later.
Having been through my own school of hard knocks, received my own property investment advice from selected mentors and now having been around as an investor for more than 20 years, I have authored the book, (which is yours for FREE – shortly), titled:
‘How To Build Wealth with Property on an Average Income’,
…and I’m positive that my 20+ years of making plenty of mistakes and the odd good decision (and a few rippers) along the way will reveal some excellent tips and information for you.
(And yes, like everyone, I wish I knew then what I know now! – But I guess your opportunity now is that you don’t make the mistakes I did, become a more educated investor and you’ll get to where you going a heck of a lot quicker than I did.)
Making a good money decision is far more enjoyable than making a bad one and then having to learn from it – Guaranteed!
If you’d like to read more and pick up your own free copy of my book with my compliments simply click the ‘FREE Gift’ tab in the left navigation column.
And yes, my book ‘How To Build Wealth With Property on An Average Income’, will state very clearly and go through:
*Why You Need to Invest – (and this should frighten you)
*Understanding Investment –(discovering your possibilities)
*Position, Position, Position – (your ultimate buying guide)
*How To Put It All Together – (your kick start to a settlement)
*Risks – (an evaluated look at any excuse you can come up with)
*Wills, Insurance and Child Guardianship – (protection that you can’t afford to be without)
PLUS… you’ll read of many other every day wage earners who have and continue to create their Wealth with Property”