Trent Richards

Strategies: Developer, Mortgage broker

He says: “has been developing property since 2002 whilst based in Brisbane. Mainly specialising in house and land packages for investors, Trent has also developed medium density projects mainly town houses in Brisbane and Melbourne where he is currently based. With a strong focus on the investment market, Trent knows what needs to build and what finishes are going to be needed to get the top rental dollar for each project.
There are also strong taxation advantages to the investor and this is also an area where Trent focuses on the right inclusions within the property to maximise the deprecation that can be claimed. Working with Australia’s largest depreciation experts, Trent is able to ensure that all depreciation is maximised in any of his developments prior to committing to the build process …
At Trent Richards Developments, Trent is personally hands on with each client working with the individually to achieve their goals. Trent will look after all services that are required to achieve this goal. As a company we have a great team that specialise in each area of the development process from start to finish. We have built properties from $170,000.00 through to $2,200,000.00.
Our team consists of Estate Agents, Conveyancers, Solicitors, Building Inspectors, Civil Engineers, Town Planners, Builders, Designers, Quantity Surveyors and the list goes on.”