Desiree Veronica Macpherson

Strategies: Business planning, Corporate advisory, Developer, Developing, Financial planning, Marketing

Cons: 18-165MR [2018] ASIC permanently bans Veronica Macpherson from providing financial services, ASIC; Alleged Ponzi operator Veronica Macpherson poised for return to business, ABC News, 2021, Rebecca Turner, Claire Moodie, they say:

  • “Ms Macpherson is banned from providing financial services
  • Investigations into her Macro Group business dealings are continuing
  • She has registered a new company called Karmic Resources”

Accused $180 million Pilbara ‘Ponzi’ scheme promoter Veronica Macpherson banned by ASIC Video and Parties with Richard Branson: Where some of a Pilbara ‘Ponzi’ scheme’s millions was spent, ABC News; Video Mum-and-dad investors caught up in an alleged Ponzi scheme in Western Australia say they are “absolutely crushed” by the experience, 730 Report; Ponzi book to expose ‘suicides, nasty threats and wild accusations’, Perth Now, Sunday Times; Accused Ponzi princess Veronica Macpherson declared bankrupt, The Western Australian.”