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The internet, technology and older relatives and friends

Getting confident with technology, the internet and the digital economy can be daunting. Particularly when dealing with money and finances. There’s a lot of useful information and resources around such as:

Be Connectedthey say “is an Australian government initiative committed to increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians. Be Connected aims to empower everyone to use the internet and everyday technology to thrive in our digital world.

Through the Be Connected online resources, Australians will be able to learn the basics of using digital devices and engaging with the internet, including:

  • being safer while online
  • talking to or seeing family and friends who live far away
  • finding new friends who share interests and hobbies
  • connecting with old friends
  • keeping up to date with what’s happening in communities and around the world
  • shopping and selling online, safely and securely.

Be Connected is not just a website; it is a national movement working across Australia, within communities, to help people with their digital skills. Our Network Partners are the local arm of Be Connected, and offer in-person help and support to older Australians who are disengaged with digital technology.

Australians with low internet skills can often feel isolated from their community and family at a time in their lives when feeling connected is increasingly important. Be Connected aims to change this through a family and community centred approach by supporting community organisations that are committed to digital inclusion and supporting older Australians bridge the digital divide. Be Connected also supports families to mentor a relative or friend to help them be more connected online.”

Charities and donations

You might already donate to some of the more well known organisations like Amnesty International, World Vision, The Smith Family, the Red Cross. Here are some smaller ones:

The Hunger Project, they say: “The Hunger Project works to break the cycle of poverty. We believe hungry people themselves are the key to ending hunger. In partnership, we unleash their vision, commitment and leadership so they can feed themselves and their families.” Inspirator: Cathy Burke CEO “We believe that women should have roles working as equals to men, determining community priorities that transform their live.”

Hutt St Centre, they say:  “Within the heart of the south-eastern corner of the City of Adelaide, Hutt St Centre is a frontline agency for homeless and vulnerable people. The Centre is accessed by people who sleep in our adjacent parklands, squat in nearby buildings, and reside in cheap hotels, boarding houses, community housing and public housing. Hutt St Centre’s Vision is for a society where everyone is respected and encouraged to reach and sustain their full potential in a healthy, safe and inclusive community.”

Dulcie’s Shop of Real Opportunity , they say: “More than an op-shop – a Shop of Real Opportunity! She’s perky, dazzling and filled with the ultimate in vintage clothing: hand-sourced and handpicked, not henpecked. Vintage fashion with a heart; your purchase helps rebuild lives. Proceeds help Hutt St Centre and Centacare provide services and support to people facing disadvantage and homelessness in Adelaide.”

Tutti Adelaide, South Australia , they say: “Tutti is an inclusive multi arts community with a focus on breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions and boldly placing disabled visual and performing artists centre stage.”

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