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BiG Tips: Unless you have access to the bank of mum and dad, an inheritance, or have managed to save a large deposit, housing affordability in Australia has plummeted and is keeping many out of home ownership. It’s a complicated and highly politically charged issue. There are some State and Federal government initiatives that attempt to fix the problem. I hope you can access some if you’re struggling – don’t get despondent. These articles may at least help you understand it a little, some of the causes and proposed solutions.

Housing Affordability in Australia, Dr Matthew Thomas, Social Policy and Alicia Hall, Statistics and Mapping

Why won’t governments fix housing affordability?, Kate Burk, SMH

Governments let oldies screw the younger generations, Ross Gittins

Housing affordability crisis: The elephant in the room stomping young Australians, Intifar Chowdhury, The Ethics Centre

Housing affordability ‘crisis’ needs business solutions AFR

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