Investing in anything really means – what you decide to and actually spend – your time, effort, and resources/money on.

Caught up in a London street protest over proposed cuts to the public service – my family and I came across these two divergent views (protester v bystander).

London 2012 Protest against Public Service Cuts

The protester’s view

London 2012 An alternative opinion

The bystander’s view










Politics, law, religion … and investing often lead to debate and polarisation. This is particularly obvious in our adversarial legal system. Hearing legal argument during my other life as a lawyer and judge’s associate (especially criminal where the burden of proof is so high) I often felt sorry for the judge or magistrate. Both arguments seem ‘right’, but they have to choose one ‘right’ one! Life, as well as life as an investor – is not black or white.

Usually when I talk to someone about investing,  either they:

  • Are confused because they don’t know what’s ‘right’ as there are so many opinions and experts – that it’s hard to find independent or impartial advice, or
  • They have firm views (and often defend them as ‘right’) based on their own, or others’ experiences – both good and bad

This story and site aren’t about being ‘right’ – but about sharing the opinions, knowledge and experience of  investors. So you can choose the best investment  information, advice, and strategies to suit your circumstances.

You might be “mad as hell” that life isn’t as free, easy, or independent as you’d like. But  if you really want change you can “stop whingeing” (if you are!) and do something – as both protesters did!