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Change, cheese and moving it – have a lot to do with investing. Who knew?

Updated August 2022

Cheeses one choice

How do you approach life and cope with change?
The timeless book “Who Moved My Cheese?” is simple, but profound. A useful guide as you contemplate investing your time, energy and money.

In a Paris market, savoring an amazing  array of cheeses and smells (especially the large piece of buffalo cheese offered by stall owner Julie), memories of Dr Johnson’s book flooded back.
The book’s still a favourite to many, over 24 million copies sold, despite being decades old. Recently a friend, stressed at work, was handed a copy.

Simple yet complex, it traces, metaphorically, the adventures of four characters (human traits),
their search for cheese (what you want in life)
and life in a maze (where you look for what you want – work, family and community).

Sniffsniffs out change early
Scurry – scurries into action
Hemdenies and resists change fearing the worst and
Haw learns to adapt in time – with hope and the vision of a better life coming from change.

Has someone moved or changed your cheese, or is it a tad smelly? Is it time you changed it?

  • Do you feel like someone, or something, other than you is in control of your life?
  • Have you felt change, subtle or not, to you or those around you?
  • Is something different, or about to change, in your investing environment (by choice or not) or, do you feel something isn’t quite right?
  • Are you happy with, or confident in, the success of a suggested investment, or portfolio you’ve got (it’s risk, returns or diversification)?
  • Are you overwhelmed or stuck, trying to make investment decisions? What’s your next step?
  • Are you wondering – Should you talk to your partner about your ideas? Should you go to a financial planner or other adviser?
  • Are you trying to decide – Should you buy, or sell, that  coaching programme, subscription, business, those shares, or that property?
  • Have you become complacent and not managing or maintaining your current investments?
  • Are you working so hard that you and your relationships are suffering?

As the story also goes, even though you may be facing serious issues at work and home, if  you don’t take yourself (or others) too seriously, you’ll handle things a lot better by:

  • anticipating
  • moving with and adapting to change, and
  • looking for its opportunities

I hope as you wander around BiG’s maze of investing, sharing the experiences and favourite cheeses of mine and others, that you find your best investment cheeses (or other food if cheese isn’t your thing!).

Enjoy the tasty morsels of Wealth Creation, Business, Shares, Property and Investing in You and go nuts sharing them and BiG with your friends, family and others.

I’d love you to send me your thoughts and feedback.

Wishing you every success and happiness.


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