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How to Avoid Mistakes and Scams When Choosing Property Investing Advisors| Spruikers and Seminars

Signs of a property investing scam (Video) interview with Tim O’Dwyer lawyer: watch out for cold calls, seminars, ‘one stop shops’ (lawyer, financier, developer) and emotive buzz phrases like ‘wealth’, ‘wealth creation’, ‘plan your future’, ‘superannuation’ ‘SMSF’. Don’t sign anything.

Beware the New Breed of Property Experts, Michael Yardney

The dark side of property investing, Nila Sweeney, YIP

Property Spruikers, ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre

Property Spruikers and Investment Seminars, Australian Consumer Law and Watch their Property Spruiker’s Seminar Investigated, You Tube

Spruiker witchery – Educators and Bad Financial Advice, Jeremy Sheppard, DSRData Debunking “6 Myths” suggested by others: Don’t wait till you’re ready; Interest rates aren’t low; You’ll never go bankrupt; Nobody’s trying to sell you anything; You can afford it” and see his various articles in Education on his DSRData site.

Property spruikers put on notice by states, Amy Bainbridge, ABC

Dymphna Boholt gives undertakings after caught in examinations by regulator into property promotion investment schemes, Johnathan Chancellor – Property Observer

Corporate regulator ASIC warns that property spruikers are returning to the market, Peter Ryan – ABC

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