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How to get ready, aim – and fire your investing. Rule #1 don’t do crazy!

Updated July 2023

Searching for answers to questions on how to invest in any type of wealth creation (property, shares, a business) or investing in yourself, you’ll find many claims, strategies, tips and myths. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by information and choice – but you can have fun playing  the game of investing and reduce your risk at the same time.

Many investment gurus understand the psychology of investing – as well as the psychology of marketing and sales. Getting help to make decisions and to be motivated is a great. But even better if targeted at what will get you the results you’re looking for – with minimal risk.

As part of an investing strategy many investing resources and gurus try to motivate and inspire. While studying for an MBA,  my  subjects involved a lot of self analysis and lectures on understanding others. We looked at what drives and motivates – emotional intelligence (not just about being smart or clever!), leadership, team building, dealing with conflict, time management, work place bullies…

The psychology of investing is hugely important – but whether investment gurus are the best  to give you advice, or therapy, is debatable! Of course many of them have hands on experience and can see common patterns of behaviour. But simply telling you a ‘rags to riches’ story, doesn’t mean you too will achieve the alleged success.

So watch out for some of the less mainstream, sometimes risky claims, strategies and approaches to being a successful  investor. You can always learn from what works for others. But best to always have on your ‘safety antennas’ (as my wise girlfriend Kathryn said – as our children headed into the big wide world of independence!).

In my posts I look at many of the gurus who advocate  “intelligent investing”. I also look  at some of the more alternative investment gurus and strategies.

Here are just a few of the claims, strategies, tips and common investing myths:

Scam alerts: There are various Guru Cops and reputable gurus who comment on and debate alternative views.

  • Property Investing see Margaret Lomas “Scam alert” [Unfortunately this article is now unavailable] Wraps; Renovating; Buying overseas; Investment clubs; Contracts with a ‘rebate’; More than one company; Cash flow mortgages.

The promises:

  • find the secrets
  • think and grow rich
  • a millionaire must have a mindset like this!
  • you don’t have to go to university to succeed (better if you don’t!)
  • trade in CFDs (contracts for differences – a leveraged way to invest in shares) while you do yoga

Some myths:

Some so called truisms, or  rules some investors follow:

  • never invest with friends or family
  • never mortgage your own home to invest

Some issues and strategies:

  • Which is a better investment shares or property?

An ongoing, often heated debate – see for example Christopher Joye “Lies, damned lies and statistics

… we’ll look at many of these as our site grows and as you, and other investors, share their experiences.

What are some of the myths, truisms, issues or strategies that you know or follow?

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