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BiG Tips: You can get property investing services, advice and courses from many of the Property Gurus and Wealth Gurus, BiG lists, and others you hear about, like real estate agents (often Buyers Agents) and others. Check out their reviews, testimonials, and any of the pros and cons we’ve found on BiG.
Do a ‘search’ on BiG for any you’re thinking of using. Check them out too in BiG’s Guru CopsAnalysts and Commentators, and online eg in any relevant Blogs like:

The FIRE movement (largely those in their 20s and 30s) often have property buying and investing hacks as well as money, shares, retiring early and living the dream travelling.
Obviously it’s your choice who you trust, follow and spend your money on. My hope is that the information BiG’s uncovered helps you succeed on the path you choose, and avoid being ripped off.

Here are some more places to help do your research and learn about buying or selling property:

Property Investing Groups and Forums

To help you work out who to trust check out the discussions by investors in property investing community groups and forums. They often discuss and share their experiences of ‘experts’ and generously share their ideas, tips and tools, have spreadsheets for analysing property and keeping track of your investment portfolio and more. Many are free to join, many with their own devotees and property analysis tools. BEWARE of testimonials. If you do subscribe, make sure to unsubscribe in time, after any Free Trial and PAID subscription starts, or rolls over.  It can be almost impossible to get refunds. Some popular groups and sites are:

Podcasts, Seminars, Courses and Coaching

Here are just a few property investing podcasts. Check out some of them and others in the Analysts and Commentators, Wealth Gurus, and Property Gurus and see how BiG rates them, to work out who appeals to you:

Property Investing Courses

  • Switzer Home Loans FREE eBooks on property investing:

    Finding the right home loan – what everybody needs to know
    The Guide to Property for Homeowners
    How to maximise the return on your investment
    4 things you must do if you’re buying property in 2015
    Negative gearing explained
    4 ways to pay off your mortgage faster

    The Switzer Guide to Property Investing
    The SMSF Guide to Property Investing

Property Investing Scams and Spruikers

See Guru Cops too.

The Wolves Have Returned, John Lindeman, The Lindeman Reports. He says: “Whenever confidence returns to our property markets, the wolves in sheep’s clothing come back as well, ready to trap unsuspecting investors.

With many parts of the property market rebounding from their pandemic induced downturns, the wolves have returned, cleverly disguising themselves with incredibly attractive schemes that promise to make you wealthy from property investment.

They shower you with free guides, booklets and toolkits, promoting their fail proof success schemes.

They run free training, intensives, hybrid and virtual livestream events designed to showcase and share their wealth creation secrets from property investing.”

How to spot a property investing scam, FinderThey say: “Property scams abound in Australia, as the industry lacks regulation and our cultural fascination with property prices means there’s always demand for real estate “education”.

Knowledge is power, so we share some of the biggest red flags that could indicate the property seminar you’re signing up for might be dodgy, over-priced, providing poor advice, or is a downright scam.

It can be hard to tell a genuine property seminar or information session from a scam that could send you broke.
Here are 6 red flags to look out for.

  1. The offer expires SOON. Have we got an offer for you!
  2. They fly you to the property location
  3. They only want to sell you ‘new’ property
  4. They share ‘exclusive’ up-and-coming investment suburbs
  5. They discourage you from doing your own research
  6. They offer a one-stop-shop where it’s all managed for you

Organisations or associations you can contact for advice:

  • Archicentre – This is the home advisory division of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.
  • Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – This is the peak council of Australian businesses and works with multiple organisation to help develop housing market policies.
  • Australian Property Institute – They represent members involved in valuation, administration and use of land, property and machinery.
  • Housing Industry Association – They work on behalf of builders members who a small or medium sized companies.
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia – This is the governing body of Chartered Accountants who can assist with any taxation or accounting advice.
  • The Institute of Public Accountants – This is for accountants that are more practical and hands-on and have been recognised for this as well as a broader understanding of the total business environment.
  • Insurance Council of Australia – This is the council who look after and represent the interests of the Australian general insurance industry.
  • Master Builders Australia – Represent multiple Master Builders Associations in each state and territory that represent businesses within their state or territory within the building and construction industry.
  • Property Council of Australia – Represent the interests of those who use land or invest in the built environment to generate economic returns within the property community.
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia – Represent the urban development industry in Australia.
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission – They offer information and advice to help inform, educate and protect the rights of the Australian consumer when it comes to any financial transaction.”

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