Invest in YOU
Time to invest in you? Something not working in your life? Time for some changes?

BiG’s Wealth, Business, Property and Shares focus on money and financial investing. But before you even start on any strategies in those areas, it helps if you know what drives, motivates and inspires you. Maybe it isn’t more money you need, but just lifestyle changes.
 Are there things you want to do? Changes you’d like to make, but have been putting off?
Maybe now’s the time. Covid 19 has changed life as we know it, maybe you’ve experienced a loss, illness, death, divorce or other life changing event?

Many forums, blogs and podcasts on well-being and hubs like FlyingSolo’sBeWell, share experts, ideas, tips and hacks on work and business stresses, hacks and tips.

Investing in You Strategies and Topics has also got some great thinkers (not ‘rated’), ideas and tools I’ve come across to help you on your way.

I’ve held the hands of too many devastated, sick or dying patients, family and friends – many regretting what they hadn’t done, not what they had done. Don’t leave it until it’s too late and risk missing out on experiences and your best life. Why not get started ticking off your bucket list – today?

Take a look at some of the gurus and ideas and grab your BiG Life Planner to reflect on where you’re at.

spending your money

What area of life, money and investing will you explore?

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