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Big Tips: Learning how to change your lifestyle, money, and investing can involve finding good books and other publications, TV shows, websites and more. Here are some well known ones to get you started.

Finding transparent, independent sources (affiliations and potential biases) is a great start, try:

Mainstream media – TV/Internet/Newspapers

ABC News BusinessThe Business

The Australian – Business review

Financial Review

7 Yahoo Finance ‘Our experts‘ – Peter Switzer, David Koch, Michael Pascoe, Michael Yardney, Peter Boehm, Aaron Lynch, John Abernethy, Andrew Page, David Taylor, Karina May, Simon Boulton, Marcus Padley, Louise Bedford, Bruce Jackson, Magdy Marcos, Julia Lee, Dr John Demartini, Donna Brond, Ben Stein, Robert Kiyosaki, James Ramsay, Richard Quest, Kathy Lien

9 ninemsn (and Financial Review Sunday) Areas they cover:

  • Property
  • Share market investing
  • Insurance
  • Loans and credit
  • Managing money and tax
  • Super and planning
  • Planning
  • Finding
  • Selling online
  • Customer service
  • Sales and marketing Finance, Money, Investing

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