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BiG Tip: The next 10-15 yrs will see one of the biggest transfers of intergenerational wealth to ‘millennials’. That’s one of the reasons for there being so much targeting of that generation’s money, spending and investing habits by many – especially those in marketing. So if you are a millennial (or thereabouts), be healthily skeptical. The better you understand your motivations, triggers and yourself, the more chance you’ll make decisions in your best interests.

Do you follow some of the many experts, gurus or ‘finfluencers’ on social media? Did ASIC just kill the ‘finfluencer’? Corporate regulator cracks down on unlicensed advisers, ABC, Rhiana Whitson.

Although Guru Cop ASIC has released warnings and guidelines on finfluencers, Discussing financial products and services online, it still leaves unregulated many seminars, websites and other faux financial advice.

Keep safe and all the very best with your life and money future.

Why millennials are turning to super and investment platforms, Cate Cowling, Money Magazine (Aus)

MarketLit Investment Conference [You Tube] This goes for a few hours – grab a coffee, skip through to videos that interest you. Has a lot of great interviews, ideas, tips. They say: “Friday 2 July 2021 – The Capital Network is proud to bring you MarketLit, Australia’s First Financial Influencers, Millennial and Gen Z Investment Conference. MarketLit brings together leading financial influencers, market experts and ASX-listed companies to discuss the key investment themes and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues that emerging investors care about. Change is coming and MarketLit is here to show the way forward.
The world is preparing for one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history – from Baby Boomers to Millennials and Gen Z who place significant importance on ESG.
* Almost 45 million US households will transfer a total of US$68.4 trillion in wealth to their heirs and charities over the next 25 years. Millennials stand to be the primary beneficiary of this transfer and it is expected that by 2050, they will replace Baby Boomers as the generation with the greatest wealth. [US research firm Cerulli Associates]
* In Australia, millennials will inherit around A$3.5 trillion from Baby Boomers over the next 20 years. [Online share trading platform Nabrade]
* 86% of millennials are interested in sustainable investing and millennials are twice as likely as the overall investor population to invest in companies targeting ESG goals [Morgan Stanley]”

Glen James (Aus), Sort Your Money Out; and podcasts My Millennial Money and My Millennial Business
5 ways to have more money| Glen James shares 5 tips to have more cash – Millennial Money or watch on YouTube

Creating an investment plan and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) – Passive Investing Australia

Millennials struggle to invest, but property top priority Ross Fox, FirstLinks Morningstar.
Morningstar’s got lots of great research into areas millennials are interested in investing in, so fund managers can target them!
See THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON INVESTMENT FUNDS an extensive survey of 3,000, 22-34yr olds around the world cited in Morningstar.

How to Buy a Property in the 21st Century, Broke Girl, Instagram


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