BiG Tips: MoneySmart (ASIC) has brilliant resources, especially for help managing your money or starting investing. Take a look on their site and throughout BiG where we reference specific resources.

They’ve also got lots of videos. Here’s their About video  (where you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel and access some helpful videos). They say “As a key initiative under the National Financial Capability Strategy, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s [ASIC] MoneySmart program helps you take control of your financial life. The MoneySmart website provides free calculators, tips and guidance for all Australians so you can make informed decisions, manage your money day to day and plan for the future. MoneySmart also supports teachers across the country to teach students about money to prepare them for the real world. And ASIC works closely with Indigenous communities to tackle some of the most pressing financial issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’. MoneySmart is for all Australians, whatever your situation, wherever you find yourself in life. Because when it comes to managing your money we all need a place to start.

Here’s the MoneySmart Playlist if you want to check out some investing basics, tips and tools: (I’ve added in some links – you’re welcome!)


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