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BiG Tips: When people ask “should I invest in real estate (property)’ and start looking at their many choices of type of property, many don’t realise the huge choices and strategies available. The property “market” is made up of many different layers, depending on location, use of the property, various offerings and incentives by both from governments or developers and on and on. So be sure to look at your own, individual strategy and what you want to achieve. You’ll find more info on that in BiG’s Life Planner (from your personal wants and needs) and the 30 Day Bucket List Investing Challenge [BLIC] (more focus on money and investing choices and planning), as well as various blog post.

Here are some common property categories and strategies to choose from:

Rent Guarantees

re rental guarantees worth the paper they’re written on?, Sutton Laurence King Lawyers

Apartments (serviced or not)

Australian Apartment Advocacy – Their Apartment Buyers and Owners Education Kit might help you. “They say they’re: ‘The voice for people who choose apartments. We advocate for housing choice. Australian Apartment Advocacy is a not-for-profit agency that represents the 2.5 million Australians who choose an apartment as their home. The agency undertakes research with apartment owners and residents so as to advise government and developers about the needs of the apartment community. The AAA also focuses on educating the general public about the benefits of apartment living and about the need for housing choice across the nation.
Managed by Samantha Reece, the Erin Brockovich of apartments (or Apartment Watchdog), AAA also assists apartment owners who face defects and issues with their builders, developers and strata managers.”

Commercial property

Beginner’s guide to investing in commercial property, Commercial Real Estate
Buying commercial in confidence, Monique Wakelin, Eureka Report

Inside Commercial Property Podcast, Smart Property Investment

James Dawson Property,

NDIS Property (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

NDIS Property Investment Loans, Home Loan Experts

[The NDIS] started in 2016 and is a government initiative to fund the needs of Australians with disability (known as participants). The scheme aims to help 28,000 Australians move into accessible and affordable housing called Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), to provide specialist dwellings that fit the requirements of people with disabilities.

The scheme takes a lifetime approach to improve the well-being of the disabled person and also their family and carers.

Home Loan Experts

Should You Invest in NDIS Property?, Jacob Cocciolone, Your Investment Property

Defence Housing (DHA)

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Defence Housing, MoneyMag

Holiday homes

‘It’s the worst possible way to invest’. The lure of the Aussie beach house – Domain

House and land packages

National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) (C/W):
Affordable housing at risk as NRAS incentives get cut amid coronavirus crisis. – Domain: Learning from past mistakes: lessons from the National Rental Affordability Scheme – Grattan, Blog

Overseas properties

Priced out of Australia, Gen Y homebuyers look abroad, Finder
Buying Property Overseas, Mozo

Retirement properties

Your home in retirement. A home that suits your lifestyle and budget in retirement and Retirement income Make the most of your income in retirement – MoneySmart (ASIC)

Student accommodation

Student Housing Australia


Cons: Ultiqa timeshare sales tactics breached financial advice laws, and ASIC takes timeshare operator Ultiqa Lifestyles to court, Choice

Timeshares. A long-term commitment in shared holiday time MoneySmart (ASIC); 
Trapped in a Classic Holiday timeshare Children to inherit parents’ bad deal that won’t end till 2076, Choice

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