Want some great holiday reading to get your finances sorted and make a start towards a brighter financial future? Or are looking for a great gift for a friend or family member to help them with their finances?

Noel Whittaker has written over 20 finance and investing books and helped thousands of Australians manage their investments and personal finances.

Noel has generously given us two copies of his latest book 25 Years of Whitt & Wisdom (A lifetime of blue-chip advice from Australia’s top financial columnist rrp$49.95), as well as:

Noel Whittaker Investing books*Making Money Made Simple (2015 ed) – 28 yrs on the best seller list
*Golden Rules of Wealth
*Money Tips – The ABC of Money Matters
*The Beginners Guide to WealthWinning
*Property Tax Strategies
*The Retirement Living Handbook
*Aged Care Who Cares?


We’ll be giving away these *books in 2016, along with other resources we’re able to source from other finance and investment experts, as we launch our exciting new look site.


In the meantime, for your chance to win your sought after hard copy of 25 Years of Whitt & Wisdom all you need to do is:

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      • Shares
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    • (optional) your investing story, successes, mistakes, tips or fears

Our 2 lucky winners will be announced on Thursday 24 December and the books collected/delivery arranged from that day.


Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and happy and successful 2016.