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Looking for people to help you with property investing and some common strategies?
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Here’s the place for learning about making money investing in property (real estate). In general, the gurus listed specialise in informing, educating and advising on property investing. They mostly use their favourite method or strategy and often don’t objectively compare other investing choices, like Analysts and Commentators might.

But how do you decide where’s the best location to buy a property? Experts use different data analysis, growth forecasting, supply and demand, ‘hotspots’ etc. To help you decide, check out the different approaches and ideas in  “Location, Location, Location| “Hot Spots” – Property Buying and Investing Analysis, Research and Tools| Groups and Forums” in BiG’s Property Investing Strategies and Topics.

In the guru lists, any pros and cons and alternative views BiG’s found from others, is shown. 

Note: I don’t cover financial planners in this section. If you want tips on how to choose them, go to the BiG Directory. If you’re looking for ancillary services, such as finance or financial products, and review sites of how to find them (accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners, conveyancers, lawyers, property and strata managers, quantity surveyors, and real estate agents (who BiG’s community has used or who have paid for advertising on BiG)), again, feel free to visit the  BiG Directory.

Property Investing Guru Cops Helpful Tips

BiG’s ‘Guru Cops’ are people and organisations who protect you from making huge mistakes, losing your hard earned cash and can save your precious time. They’re government and non government watchdogs.They give you (usually free) useful investing resources, tips, tricks, blogs, podcasts and more on how to start investing in property and what to look out for, including scams alerts.

Visit the ones below who specialise in businesses in the property investing or real estate industries. Especially if you want reviews, ratings, reporting or to complain about a property investing person or company.

Check out other Guru Cops who are watchdogs in other industries, money, finance, health, medical and many more.


Property Investing Gurus …

The individuals and companies in the table below claim they’re experts in investing in property. Under BiG’s Traffic Light™ rating system, they’re given a red, yellow or green rating.

Note:  The ‘about’ column says “They/He/She claims” quoting their marketing blurb, because I’d hate to misrepresent or misquote their claims and unless I’ve explicitly done so, I don’t endorse them.

If I get any positive or negative information about them (send yours), they may be re-rated to a different colour.

Brett Alegre-Wood (UK-Australia-Singapore)
Company: Gladfish previously Your Property Club
Strategies: Buying wholesale, Manage property, Property investing club, Source property
Pros/Cons: Buy-to-Let Anyone used Gladfish? Property Tribe. He claims: ‘is a London property investment expert, author and educator. His straight-talking Aussie approach provides everything investors need to profit from property. He is author of the bestselling book The 3+1 Plan that won the Peoples Book Prize for Non-Fiction in 2010. Brett is married and 3 kids, his time is divided between his … Read more »
Jeremy Allen
Company: Equity Creators
Inactive site as at 10.6.18 Read more »
Zaki Ameer
Company: DDP Dream Design Property
Strategies: Buyers agent, Developing, Education, Mortgage broker, Property investing, Real Estate - full service
They claim: ‘was created by self-made millionaire, real estate expert and wealth development coach Zaki Ameer. Zaki realised his life was heading nowhere and that clearing his debt was chewing up any glimmer of hope for his dream life.Nevertheless, Zaki educated himself, and then turned his life around by accumulating 15 properties…..’ Read more »
Bob Andersen
Company: Property Mastermind
Strategies: Developing, Mentoring, Property investing education
They claim: ‘Property development changed my life, and I know it can transform yours too. But it’s not luck – you need a system. Only my course can offer you access to over 30 years of property development experience. I’ve literally seen it all. So if you’re ready to learn, I’m here to show you how it’s done. With my … Read more »
Cameron Anderson
Company: Silverhall
Strategies: Property investing and Renovation education, Property investing education, Source property
Cons: Enforceable Undertaking – APRA   Hearing told of developer’s ‘outrageous’ fee structure InvestSmart 2012; Just one jailed in Trio saga  Money Management 2013. They claim: “is a research based property advisory business established in 1999. The principle activity of the business is to identify, through its proprietary research process, geographic housing regions that will grow in value at an above average rate. Using … Read more »
Margie Baldock
Company: Positive Growth Property
Strategies: Developer, Developing, Entrepreneur, Property investing, Property investing education
They claim: ‘Traditional property investment wisdom says that as a property investor, you can have either strong growth or positive cash flow, but not both. Accumulating properties by traditional negative gearing can be a huge cash drain and is the number one reason why 70% of property investors sell up within the first 3 years! Likewise, investing for cashflow in … Read more »
Cons: Property speculator Bangaru sentenced to eight years for fraud  The Australian Read more »
Cherie Barber
Company: Renovating for Profit
Strategies: AirBnB, Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education, Property seminars, Renovations
Pros/Cons: Has anyone signed up for Cherie Barber’s program (or similar)? Reddit. They claim: ‘provides the most in-depth property renovation courses in Australia. Since our launch in 2009, we’ve built Australia’s largest community of renovators and have trained more than 11,000 students in a disciplined, highly strategic approach to renovating. As clear market leaders in property education, we now offer even more … Read more »
Ray Behan
Company: Think and Grow Group Wealth and Property Gold Mine
Strategies: Mindset coach, Mortgage broker, Property investing education, Property options
They claim: ‘We help everyday Australian’s create financial freedom through property by following a proven and successful wealth strategy system. Wealth and Property Gold Mine Discover the 5 Golden Rules You Need to Follow to Generate a $60,000 Per Year Passive Income from Property – And Escape Australia’s “Retirement Apocalypse”’ Read more »
Nathan Birch and Daniel Young
Company: BInvested and HLGOneHoldings
Strategies: Developer, Positive cash flow, Property investing education, Property investing tools
Pros/Cons: See  discussions in PropertyChat forum. Property investor Nathan Birch sued over Gold Coast mortgage default AFR; Mr IQ sued by lender for default and  An angry Mr IQ shows whites of the eyes Macrobusiness; Cash flow issues catch up with investor Nathan Birch on Paradise Point property Property Observer They claim: “are not just a Buyer’s Agent, we’re a Buyer’s advocate. We are the number one … Read more »
Konrad Bobilak
Company: Investors Prime Real Estate
Strategies: Land banking, Mortgage broker, Property investing education, Property seminars, wealth management
Pro/Con discussion thread on forums: PropertyInve$ting Alliancecorp or Investors Prime Real Estate and PropertyChat Investors prime Melbourne – Konrad bobilak Land banking company linked to Henry Kaye collapses SMH 18.7.15 Land Banking Seminars With Konrad Bobilak – SlideShare House ‘idyll’ just barren paddock The Age 29.9.13 See too: Global 1 Events and Henry Kaye He claims: “the CEO and founder of Investors Prime … Read more »
Dymphna Boholt
Company: I Love Real Estate
Strategies: Mentoring, Property investing, Property seminars
Pros/Cons: Dymphna Boholt No Scam – Australian Property Investor 21.11.16; PropertyChat forum; Property Investment: The Truth AltitudeWS;  Dymphna Boholt – Real Estate Program. Has anyone here done it?Hi there, another newbie from Sydney PropertyChat;  Avoid being a victim of property spruikers and losing $1000s on your next investment Brisbane’s Buyers’ Agency; Dymphna Boholt Fined For Bogus Claims Terry Ryder 9.2.16; Whirlpool Forums; [Watch the video] Home … Read more »
Brian Boyd
Company: Real Estate Investor
Strategies: Free property investing calculators, Property investing, Property investing education
They claim: “was established in 2003 to help people start the journey to long-term wealth creation. Our role is to work closely with you to ensure your property investment path is precisely mapped out to make the journey less stressful and totally rewarding. Our vision To provide as many of our fellow Australians as possible with a better way to invest in … Read more »
Philippe Brach
Company: Multifocus Properties and Finance
Strategies: Mentoring, Mortgage broker, Property investing
They claim: “was established in 2005 with the aim of mentoring investors to create wealth and invest in their future by building an investment property portfolio. The company is led by Philippe Brach who has over 25 years experience in the international corporate world specializing in finance, accounting and investment. He is a fully qualified and extremely experienced real estate … Read more »
Jennie Brown
Company: Jennie Brown
Strategies: Developer, Developing, Joint ventures, Mentoring, Property investing education, Property seminars, Renovations, Speaker, Strata titling, wraps
She claims: “is simply ‘the lifestyle expert’. If you want to improve your mindset, improve your lifestyle, and accelerate your wealth, then Jennie is the speaker for your audience. As a keynote speaker, Jennie is flexible and versatile, and inspires, motivates and empowers her audience to live a more purposeful, extraordinary and inspired life. An avid traveller – both for … Read more »
Mark Bryers
Company: North Crest and Blue Chip
Strategies: Financial planning, Property finance
Cons: Neil Jenman MARK BRYERS IN AUSTRALIA Kiwi spruiker targets Aussies.; Banking & Finance Consumers Support Association (Inc) Australian Idiot Regulators permitted NZ Rogue MARK BRYERS to give Financial Advice to Aussies!!!!!!!!!!! Blue Chip victims must be gasping for air; NZ Herald Mark Bryers managed companies that owe ‘many, many millions’; News Now NZ Blue Chip co-founder denies role in Australian company He claims: “is the … Read more »
Simon Buckingham
Company: Results Mentoring
Strategies: Mentoring, Property investing, Property investing education, real estate
They claim: “The media is full of conflicting opinions about whether the property market in different parts of the country will rise or fall in the months ahead. Many areas are growing strongly in value… but the reality – and the very real risk – is that property values won’t rise in every suburb, and some will even see significant falls … Read more »
Norma Bula
Company: Empire Property Investors
Strategies: Property investing education, Source property
They claim: “are a nationwide Australian company with over 40 specialist investment property councilors. We have helped over 5,000 clients use property as a vehicle to create substantial wealth and financial independence. All of our Directors and investment property councilors are passionate about property. They have a comprehensive understanding of the market and are successful property investors themselves. Our vision … Read more »
John Burley
Company: John Burley USA
Strategies: Property seminars, Wealth education
Cons: John T. Reed’s views of various real-estate-investment gurus Part 1a; Neil Jenman. He claims: “In 1989, he founded his Private Equity Company, where he serves today as the Founder & CEO. It has constantly maintained a position as a leader in the industry, with over 1,800 real estate transactions completed. John has written several books, with Money Secrets of the Rich … Read more »
Cons: Global 1 Events and Henry Kaye Read more »
Yza Canja
Company: Property Rocket
Strategies: Mentoring, Property finance, Property investing, Property investing education, Property seminars
Cons: Woman faces $5000 bill for investment course even though she can’t get a loan John Rofe Daily Telegraph Sydney; Previous business associates Carly Crutchfield and CCorp She claims: “was born in the Philippines, in a very poor island called Guimaras. She had the fortune of coming to Australia as a child, only having to leave again for the Philippines at the age of 12 … Read more »

Company: Acquired Group
Strategies: Finance broker, Financial planning, House and land packages, Property investing, SMSF - property, Source property, Superannuation, wealth management
They claim: “We offer Australia’s largest selection of investment property options in most of the capital cities designed for you, the investor.• Cash flow positive investment property options• SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) suitable properties • New house and land packages • Townhouses We offer customised investment property options based upon your comfort, budget and existing portfolio to maximise your return … Read more »
Chicks n Bricks
Company: Chicks n Bricks
Strategies: Networking, Property investing, Women, Women investors, real estate
They say “is a community of like minded women with a common thread in property. Women either running their own business, in corporate roles, or aspiring to improve their career. Chicks n Bricks Members wish to create deeper connections with others to gain knowledge, understanding and inspiration from each other via collaboration and contribution. By connecting with Chicks n Bricks … Read more »
Jo Chivers
Company: Property Bloom
Strategies: Developer, Developing, Property investing education, Property management, Source property
They claim: “My love of property started after purchasing our family home on Sydney’s northern beaches and watching in awe as the value grew. We were experiencing the true value of capital growth. How could we make so much money by doing very little except waiting? Imagine if we added value by developing, the return would be much greater. I … Read more »
Joseph Chou
Company: Ironfish
Strategies: Mentoring, Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education
They claim: “As the CEO and Founder of Ironfish, Joseph Chou has assisted investors across Australia and China build a strong property investment portfolio designed to deliver long-term financial security. Joseph is dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to reach their potential. He is a highly sought-after speaker, presenting to thousands with the aim of disrupting status-quo thinking and transforming … Read more »
Helen Collier – Kogtevs
Company: Real Wealth Australia
Strategies: Free property report, Mentoring, Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education
They claim: “Discover How A Property Education Can Fast-Track You Up The Property Ladder We teach you how to build a property portfolio with confidence. Discover how a property education will help you to select and buy the Right property, at the Right price, at the Right time for Your Personalised Strategy.” Read more »
Damian Collins
Company: Momentum Wealth
Strategies: Mentoring, Property finance, Property investing, Property investing education
They claim: “Integrity, knowledge and results are what Momentum Wealth has provided to hundreds of Perth property investors and can provide to you. Based in Perth WA, and servicing clients Australia-wide, Momentum Wealth is a full-service property investment consultancy dedicated to making you more money through property investment. We offer a complete range of tailored property investment advice and solutions … Read more »
Peter Comben
Company: Smart Property Development
Strategies: Developer, Developing, Property developer, Property development education
They claim: “So many people today sell their home at auction to a developer, who obtains a planning approval that will reap six and sometimes even seven figure increases in profit, simply because they knew how to unlock the hidden value in the property, through smart property development. This is money that the original owner could easily make themselves, or at … Read more »
Ron Cross
Company: ParkTrent Properties Group
Strategies: Property and SMSFs, Property investing education, Property management, Property seminars, Source property
Pros/Cons: search ParkTrent in PropertyChat;   Supreme court casts out property spruikers’ appeal Australian Broker;Park Trent – information for clients You may have received unlicensed advice from Park Trent  ASIC  They claim: “When Chief Executive Officer Ron Cross launched ParkTrent Properties Group in 1989 he had two simple goals: to build one of Australia’s most trusted privately owned real estate groups and to be … Read more »
She has asked  that I remove her from BiG as she claims not to have been involved in property investment education since 2012. Articles Archived from ASIC; John Rolfe Daily Telegraph Sydney; and Joshua Smith Associate: Yza Canja Read more »
Carly Crutchfield
Company: CCorp
Strategies: Developing, Education, Property finance, Property investing education, Property seminars
NO LONGER ADVISING ASIC Type: Disqualified Person Commenced: 07/11/2013 Ceased: 06/05/2015 Address: Suite 110 26-32 Pirrama Road PYRMONT NSW 2009 Comments: On 18 February 2014 Ms Crutchfield sought review in the Administrativ e Appeals Tribunal (AAT)of ASIC’s decision to disqualify her for a period of 3.5 years.On 22 May 2014 the AAT varied the period of Ms. Crutchfield’s disqualification to 1.5 … Read more »
James Dawson
Company: James Dawson Property
Strategies: Commercial property investing
They claim: “A resident of Byron Bay for over two decades, James Dawson has been semi-retired since his late thirties, and it’s all thanks to his savvy property investments. More specifically, it’s his skill in securing consistent positive cash flow from commercial property investments that has set him up for a lifetime of freedom. “When I came up to Byron … Read more »
Dolf de Roos
Company: Property Prosperity
Strategies: Business Coach, Business investing, Buying wholesale, Mentoring, Property investing education, Property seminars, wealth management
Cons: John T. Reed’s analysis of Dolf de Roos’ book Real Estate Riches; Colin Caughey Rip off Report Dolf de Roos [and others] He claims: “[he is a] world renowned real estate investment authority. Many people are familiar with Dolf through his prolific work in the realm of real estate investing – he has taught in over 25 countries and has written … Read more »
See Analysts and Commentators Read more »
Karen and Paul Dobson
Company: Negative2Positive
Strategies: Joint ventures, Property investing, Property investing education, Vendor finance
They claim: ” [they] enjoy living in Port Stephens, NSW and in 2002 came across Vendor Finance in residential real estate. They started researching the idea and found it had been re-introduced to the Australian marketplace around 1998. Their research also led them to believe it was a service needed by a large number of Australian home buyers. They bought … Read more »
Brad Dolahenty
Company: APP- Australian Property Panel
Strategies: Property investors group
Co-Founder with Peter Spencer. They claim: “is a nationwide team of successful property investors with years of experience and market knowledge in the industry. We’re not about selling you anything… we’re about giving you the tools to do it yourself. We share with you our combined experience (the good and the bad!) to help make investing in property an easy … Read more »
Justin Eslick
Company: Investigate Property
Strategies: Buyers agent, Real estate agent
He claims: “is uniquely qualified to identify property deals and uncover their potential. Firstly, he has a Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning (Honours) from the University of Queensland. He is also a fully licenced real estate agent in Queensland. In addition to the 8 years operating Investigate Property, he has 5 valuable years of experience working with a developer … Read more »
Stephen Fagan
Company: Inspiration HomesUrban Development Solutions
Strategies: Property investing, real estate
Cons: DISAPPOINTMENT WITH STEPHEN FAGAN The sort of spruiker who gives spruikers a bad name. Neil Jenman   Read more »
James Fitzgerald
Company: Bullet Proof Investing book
is Managing Director of the Custodian Group See too John Fitzgerald.  James claims” The Double Shot Podcast Real Estate & Investment Bites for Millennials Cousins Alex and James Fitzgerald, hosts of The Double Shot Podcast, are under 35yr property professionals who’ve collectively transacted over $500M of real estate and are investors themselves. Each week they digest the key headlines relevant … Read more »
John Fitzgerald
Company: JLF Group and Custodian
Strategies: Developing, Mentoring, Property investing, Property investing education, Property seminars, Wealth education
Pros/Cons:  Melbourne suburbs property packages China-style: house, land and….A Visa PropertyyChat, PropertyChat, Somersoft and Whirlpool Forums Home Loan Experts Forum Ella Is Custodian Wealth Builders John Fitzgerald helpful?; Melbourne suburbs property packages China-style: house, land and a visa SMH They claim: “The JLF Group’s core discipline is property development with experience in both residential and commercial projects. Our specialty is residential land development, having … Read more »
David Fleming
Company: Equity Resource
Strategies: Financial planning, Mortgage broker, Property finance, Property investing, wealth management
They claim: “was established in November 2000 … Our company philosophy is based around providing outstanding service and knowledge, with a strong ethical focus on what we recommend. We specialize in being a seamless financial services company whereby you can access the services of mortgage brokering, financial planning and investment property consultancy. well researched investment properties, personalized financial assessment, so … Read more »
Rob Flux
Company: Property Development Network
Strategies: Developing, Mentoring, Property investing, Property seminars, Source property
They claim: ‘Property Development Made Simple. In order for a deal to happen there are multiple elements to the equation. You need a property with development potential, you need flexible terms and conditions on the sale, you need Development skills, experience and the time to manage the deal, you need both capital and cash flow finances, you need access to … Read more »
Jennifer Fordham Leppitsch
Company: Custodian
Strategies: Financial planning, Mortgage broker, Property investing
They claim: “Our mission has been to educate and empower everyday Australians on the true potential of Real Estate investment and the true value of Land … Jennifer has 10 years with Custodian and 24 years’ experience in the Property Industry Jennifer holds a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing, Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking and a Real Estate Representatives Licence … Read more »
Michael Fuller
Company: Hotspot Central previously Redwerks
Strategies: Buying wholesale, Developing, Education, Property investing education
They claim: “Boosting property investment returns using artificial intelligence and passive development Now everyone can enjoy double digit returns once restricted to wealthy investors only. Get you next property at 20% below market value or enjoy 20% plus returns on your cash or SMSF. …  We serve investors that are • Everyday investors looking to create financial freedom through investing … Read more »
Paul Giezecamp
Company: U Property previously Property Secrets - in liquidation
Strategies: Developer, Property investing
Cons:  Property Secrets- Paul Giezekamp YIP Forum;  Paul Giezekamp exposed – Property Secrets Leichhardt Today Tonight; Paul Giezekamp set to appeal after NCAT rules $7,000 commission undisclosed Property Observer Read more »
Brian Gillett
Company: Knowledge Source Property Entrepreneuer Massland
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing education, Property options, Property seminars
Contrarians: Property Investing Forum Property Chat Forum Somersoft Forum Associate: Mark Rolton He claims: “[He] … is no ordinary investor… had accumulated a property portfolio of 10 properties in a 5-year window. This put him into the 1% club of real estate investors in Australia … and he was featured in several major property magazines. But for Brian, he was … Read more »
Chris Gray
Company: Your Empire
Strategies: Buyers agent, Mentoring, Property investing education
He claims: “is a specialist buyers agency and property investment consultancy that manages property and clients nationally. Empire was founded by Chris Gray, host of Your Property Empire on Sky News Business Channel, property expert on Channel 9′s MyHome show and Financial Expert on Channel 10s The Renovators. Chris proves the Empire strategy works, having retired from full time work … Read more »
Kevin Green (UK)
Company: Kevin Green Wealth KGW
Strategies: Property investing education, Property seminars
Pros/Cons: Property Tribes forum He claims: “is a self made multi-millionaire and social entrepreneur and an acknowledged expert in how to set up a profitable business. He is one of the UK’s largest residential property landlords and a multi-business owner.” Read more »
Jeff Grochowski
Company: Accrue Property
Strategies: Education, Land banking, Property investing, Property investing education, SMSF - property, real estate
Cons: Consumer Affairs Victoria (SMH below) They claim: “we tailor direct property transactions to match the specific needs and objectives of individual clients. By providing a safe and tested buyers advocacy process, we work side by side with our members to ensure that they avoid common property mistakes and pitfalls and maximise their potential. In addition to providing expert property advice, … Read more »
Dominique Grubisa
Company: DGinstitute
Strategies: Buying distressed property, Buying wholesale, Property investing education, Property seminars
Cons: ASIC-Dominique Grubisa receives four-year ban 5.4.2022; watch A Current Affair Dominique Grubisa Preview May 2021; 9 Go full show from 5.55mins (expires 7 June 2021); Self-proclaimed wealth guru’s credit licence cancelled by corporate regulator, Richard Baker, SMH; Real Estate Rescue’s Dominique Grubisa: The dame selling distress and Dominique Grubisa’s “asset protection”: How does she sleep?  and Catfishing with Dominique Grubisa: … Read more »
Roderick William Guthrie Nielson (NZ)
Company: Castlerock Property Holdings Bridgecorp Ltd both liquidated
Strategies: Developer
Brian Haratsis
Company: Macroplan
Strategies: Developer, Property analysis, Property investing, real estate
They claim: “is Australia’s first choice when seeking solutions which add value to important property, planning and economic development projects. Our national team of dedicated, award winning professionals provide economic analysis, strategic and statutory planning, in-depth research and specialised advisory services to all property sectors … [with] expertise in the delivery of property advisory. Our unique combination of economics, planning, … Read more »
Troy Harris
Company: Rookie Developer
Strategies: Developing, Property investing, Property investing education
He claims: “A Simple Blueprint For Safe And Secure Property Developing. If you are new to property investing, and you want to make the right decision when it comes time to invest, then congratulations! You’re in the right place at the right time to take your first steps into the exciting and lucrative world of property developing. If you’re like … Read more »
Dr Tony Hayek
Company: Blue Wealth Property
Strategies: Buying off the plan, Developing, Property investing education, Real estate research, Source property
Pros/Cons: Bluewealth PropertyChat They claim: “He is a leader in the property industry and he regularly presents educational seminars to investors and industry professionals around the country. Tony created his personal wealth through property and he is passionate about teaching others how they can too. Tony’s advice and recommendations are sought after by investors, business partners and developers. Tony’s opinions … Read more »
Ian Hosking Richards
Company: Rocket Property Group
Strategies: Buy & Hold, Mentoring, Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education, Real estate agent
They claim: “is a leading independent real estate investment business that provides property investment advice and recommendations to help investors enter the property market or grow their existing portfolios. Services offered include property education, mentoring and advice; research and loans. We offer clients the identification and recommendation of exceptional investment opportunities from all over Australia that have passed Rocket’s strict … Read more »
Xenia Ioannou
Company: Alexa Real Estate
Strategies: Developing, Education, Property management
She claims:  “is the Principal and senior property manager of Alexa Real Estate. Xenia’s experience is truly vast and truly brings an incredible skill set to Alexa Real Estate. Managing a restaurant from the age of 17 and managing her first investment property from the age of 19 gave Xenia real life experience in both business and property management from … Read more »
Hans Jakobi
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education
Cons: The Secrets of Hans JakobiAn in-depth review of a self-crowned wealth coach. Neil Jenman Read more »
Bernadette Janson
Company: The School of Renovating
Strategies: Free eBook, Mentoring, Property investing and Renovation education, Renovations, Women
They claim: ‘[is] a community that helps aspiring renovators create an income and a life they love through renovating & property. My name is Bernadette Janson and I am living my dream life. I indulge my addiction for renovating producing a minimum profit of 100,000 per project. I am also a mentor, writer and speaker… but more about that later’   Read more »
David Johnston
Company: Property Planning Australia
Strategies: Financial planning, Mortgage broker, Property investing education, Property seminars
They say: “David is the founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia. He is the author of How to Succeed with Property to Create your Ideal Lifestyle; and Property for Life – Using Property to Plan Your Financial Future published by Wiley. Property Planning Australia was established in 2004 – born out of David’s vision to educate and empower … Read more »
Phil Jones (NZ/USA)
Company: Rich Mastery in liquidation
Daniel Kay (aka Krecichwost)
Company: Metropolis Development Group and TPC Vic Pty Ltd in liquidation
Strategies: Developer, Land banking, Property investing
Cons: Central Equity swoops on Henry Kaye property as land banking scam  SMH Read more »
Henry Kaye (aka Kukuy)
Company: Evolution Education
Strategies: Land banking, Property investing and Renovation education, Property seminars
Cons: Global1 Events and Henry Kaye; Is Henry Kaye back in business already? Global Events and Henry Kaye 5.3.16; Henry Kaye probed over $100 million land-banking schemes   Read more »
Mike Kelly
Company: Positive Cashflow Solutions
Strategies: Buyers agent, Buying wholesale, Developer, Developing, Real estate agent
??? now Chris Gray groupThey claim: “is the parent company of a group of companies that all work together to make profit from real estate based transactions. Company 1: Finds the funds and operates as the “umbrella” company to ensure all moving parts of the business are well coordinated. This is the primary role of Positive Cashflow Solutions Pty … Read more »
Nigel Kibel
Company: Property Know How
Strategies: Property investing, USA property
They claim: “has conducted seminars and courses throughout Australia. Through his learning he has also purchased properties for clients in New Zealand and more recently in the United States. He spent much of 2006 running a real estate firm in San Antonio Texas. Today he is involved in the Australian market in both investment and Property Development. Nigel’s passion is … Read more »
Ben Kingsley
Company: Empower Wealth The Property Couch Podcasts
Strategies: Buyers agent, Financial planning, Mortgage broker, PIPA, Property investing, Property investing education, real estate
and Bryce Holdaway claim: “we truly believe that increasing one’s wealth position is possible for anyone and everyone interested in making it happen. From saving for your first home, to buying it and then building off its wealth base, to Superannuation, to identifying best use of your household’s surplus income, to building a multi-million dollar property portfolio… It’s possible, but for … Read more »
Ben Kingsley
Company: Empower Wealth The Property Couch Podcasts
Strategies: Mortgage broker, PIPA, Property investing, Property investing education, Real estate agent, Wealth education
Pros: PropertyChat Forum has a lot of positive experiences by members. EW claim: “Empower Wealth is a wealth advisory company for everyday Australians. Our team are specialists in their given fields with years of experience guiding people like you to achieve your life goals, through property investment and financial wealth building. We liken ourselves to a board of trusted advisors, covering … Read more »
Robert Kiyosaki
Company: Rich Dad
Strategies: Entrepreneur, Financial education, Multi level marketing MLM, Property investing, Property investing education, Property seminars, Wealth education
[These are some people/Links Pro or Con this ‘Guru’. Click ‘Read more’ to open them] CONS: Deconstructing Robert Kiyosaki, The Simple Dollar, they say: Robert Kiyosaki’s “knowledge” is highly flawed and his material has all of the integrity of James Frey. He completely undervalues risk, which is the trap that so many failed businesses and bankrupt individuals fall into. He’s … Read more »
Peter Koulizos (aka 'the property professor"
Company: Property Planning Australia
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing education, Property investing hot spots Reports, real estate
See ANALYSTS and COMMENTATORS Associates: Property Planning Australia Read more »
Salena Kulkarni
Company: Phoenix Wealth Group and Homes Canberra
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education
She claims: “The percentage of people who actually have some success with property investing is miniscule. Only 0.065% of the population own five or more investment properties. So what are these investors doing differently? Having worked with hundreds of investors over the last 15 years, I recognise successful investors have three things in common: They have strategy, They access premium … Read more »
Katrina and Nick Lockhart
Company: MRD Partners
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing education
They say: “Our goal is to give you the ability to build long term wealth for your family’s future. We teach you to invest the smart way, with the least amount of risk possible. Our strategy is based on two simple principles: treating property investment like a business and, most importantly, treating our clients like partners … MRD Partners is … Read more »
Libby Lombardo
Strategies: Developer, Developing, Property investing and Renovation education, Property options, Source property
Cons: Strategy property options; Libby Lombardo Experience/review/feedback ProperyChat She claims: [Her book] “Millions and Billions in Property Development: How you can make more than your annual salary in just one deal. Why You Don’t Need A Uni Degree To Succeed in Property, like Libby Lombardo PropertyInvestory”   Read more »
Look at Property | Property Couch
Company: Look at property Property Couch
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing education, Source property
They claim: “Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway Property Couch PodcastThe Insider’s Guide to Property, Finance and Money Management is a podcast hosted by two of Australia’s Property Experts … This Podcast is about helping people make smart property investment decisions. Why we are doing this? Property investing is a high value transaction where the right decisions can mean wonderful outcomes … Read more »
Veronica Macpherson
Company: Karmic Resources prev. Macro Investments and Securities in liquidation
Strategies: Business planning, Corporate advisory, Developer, Developing, Financial planning, Marketing
Cons: Alleged Ponzi operator Veronica Macpherson poised for return to business ABC News, Rebecca Turner, Claire Moodie, they say: Ms Macpherson is banned from providing financial services Investigations into her Macro Group business dealings are continuing She has registered a new company called Karmic Resources” ” Accused $180 million Pilbara ‘Ponzi’ scheme promoter Veronica Macpherson banned by ASIC Video; Parties with Richard … Read more »
Jason Marianoff
Company: Creative Vision Developments
Strategies: Developer, Financial education, Mentoring
He claims: “Property Investor, Developer and Inspirational Mentor (who thrives on assisting others live a life they love!) …  In this 90 second video, Jason Marianoff shares a simple tip that could save ​you thousands of dollars in interest on a home loan or investment loan.” Read more »
Katie Marshall
Company: Chicks and Mortar
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education
They claim: “Building Smart Property Women Chicks and Mortar puts the power back into your hands and helps you build the confidence to undertake any property project. Founder Katie Marshall has spoken to hundreds of women and found that when it comes to property, women are overwhelmed by the learning curve, lack the confidence to take the first step and … Read more »
Stephen McClatchie
Company: Loans Australia
Strategies: Mortgage broker
They claim: “If you’re a property investor interested in capitalising on more property opportunities and building your portfolio faster while enjoying more financing options and fewer roadblocks from inflexible lenders, then you’ve come to the right place Loans Australia are the Creative Financing Specialists of choice for Real Estate Investors with portfolios of 2 to 29 properties, who want STRATEGIC financing … Read more »
Amanda McEwin
Company: Rising Star Developer and Onassis Developments
Strategies: Property developer, Property development education
Cons: One 1 star review (see below). Amanda claims: “Just under 5 years ago, Amanda realised the 9 – 5 wasn’t working. She made the decision to follow her passion and take up Property Development. That one decision has since seen her complete 16 Projects worth over $29 Million in Revenue and create 66 Affordable New Homes. To some that may … Read more »
Jamie McIntyre
Company: 21st Century University
Strategies: Anti vaccination, Bitcoin, Blogging, Education, Land banking, Media, Mentoring, Passive income, Property investing education, Property seminars, Share trading, US property investing
Associates: Freedom of Choice in Australia see More about the speakers at the Sydney Vaccination Conference 2018 One of his products: Get your teenager a free 21st C Scholarship for free YouTube BEWARE (see below) Cons: Get rich quick spruiker launches australian bitcoin ATMs  and “Scammer Jamie McIntyre’s crypto projects”  UPDATED April 2019 Bitedge 7.1.14 -11.5.18 They say: “Jamie McIntyre … Read more »
Steve McKnight
Strategies: Forum, Property investing education, Property seminars
Pros/Cons: See various posts PropertyChat SteveMcKnight; Millionaire Challenge in Deep Hole It’s time to stop digging deceit. and  The Property Revolution Most investors don’t see it coming. 2004 Neil Jenman He claims: “is a respected property investor, accomplished author, and media commentator. Prior to 1999, McKnight, a qualified chartered accountant worked for international accounting firm Deloitte before starting his own accounting practice and specialising … Read more »
Cam McLellan
Company: OpenCorp
Strategies: Mentoring, Property investing education, real estate
They say: “Whether it’s building a successful property portfolio or investing in one of our development funds, we can help you through every stage of your investment journey. And we look forward to sharing that journey with you … The executive director of OpenCorp; Cam McLellan is committed to sharing his passion and property investment knowledge with everyday Australians. Cam … Read more »
Bill Meehan
Company: Certain Wealth Group
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education, Property investing hot spots Reports
They claim: “Find investment properties that will build wealth for you. Certain Wealth Group is a national organisation of highly skilled residential property investment experts. Since 2001, Certain Wealth Group has proven that any Australian can achieve wealth creation through investment property. (Yes – even YOU!) You can achieve financial freedom through property investment. All you need is the right … Read more »
Angelo Mena
Company: Alexa Property Group
Strategies: Real estate agent
He says: “lives in South Australia and is the director of the Alexa Property Group. For many years he has professionally negotiated for the buying and selling of Real Estate. Angelo has lectured in the area of real estate negotiation across Australia. He has a PhD in the area of medical research and for many years has studied human behaviour. … Read more »
Steven Molnar
Strategies: Property seminars
He says: “After building a large Investment Property portfolio in record time… with little cash using Advanced Property & Finance strategies, Steven was then one of a few to be approved in Australia to run and own a Bank of Queensland branch. Combining this knowledge with his IT & Business Analyst, plus Project Manager careers at leading global corporates such … Read more »
Steve Navratil (aka Steve Navra)
Company: Maywood Property Group NavraInvest My Property Mentor
Strategies: Financial planning, Mentoring, Property investing
Cons:  Supreme Court battle prompts calls for ‘retrospective’ fund for financial victims, Leigh Sales, ABC 7.30 Report; Investors pursue Steve Navra over $150m they claim still exists, John Rolfe, Daily Telegraph and Couple takes on Bendigo and Adelaide Bank over loan demands from failed investment, John Rolfe, The West Australian; While Tristan fought for his country, his money disappeared; A … Read more »
Nhan Nguyen
Company: Advanced Property Strategies
Strategies: Property investing education, Property seminars
He says: “Hi, my name is Nhan Nguyen. However, most people know me as ‘Mr. No-Money-Down’. I earned that title by completing over a hundred property deals (total worth over 30 million dollars) – almost entirely funded using other people’s money. WANT TO KNOW HOW I DID IT? It wasn’t thanks to my upbringing. My parents actually came to this … Read more »
Rick Nieuwenhoven
Company: Nieuvision
Strategies: Financial planning, Mortgage broker, Property investing, Property investing education, Property management, Property seminars, Wealth education
They claim:  ‘We use strategic property investments and our unique wealth creation strategies to reduce your loans, minimise your tax, and grow your wealth. With Nieuvision, you can do it all. We are here to make your financial dreams a reality. We understand that sometimes it’s just too time consuming and confusing to plan for your future. So to help … Read more »
Martin North
Company: Digital Finance Analytics
Strategies: Property investing education, Property investing hot spots Reports, Property investing tools
[Here are some people/Links Pro or Con this ‘Guru’. Click ‘Read more’ to open them: Con: Property sceptic unbowed by market upturn Aaron Patrick, FR; Is Martin North at DFA worth listening to?, REDDIT ] They claim “Digital Finance Analytics combines primary consumer research, industry modelling, economic analysis and segmentation analytics to offer insight into the dynamics of the mortgage, lending, … Read more »
Melissa Opie
Company: Property Rich
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing education
She says: “Do you want to learn how to choose the best investment properties, double the value of your investments every 7–8 years and do it all using only the bank’s money? Property Rich shows you how. This site has been created by Melissa Opie aka “The Property Lady” and Stephen Zamykal to complement the 2010 book, Property Rich. This … Read more »
Rick Otton
Company: We Buy Houses
Strategies: Property investing, rent to buy, wraps
Cons: Dymphna Boholt gives undertakings after caught in examinations by regulator into property promotion investment schemes Property Observer 2015; Rick Otton – Federal Court Decides Naysayer;  Landlords in Distress Rick Otton found guilty of deceptive conduct  Property Tribes (PT); “We buy Houses” – but why? 7.30 Report on the strategy and Rick Otton WA Lead Charge on Property Spruikers; RICK OTTON BANNED Consumers protected in WA Neil … Read more »
Dean and Elise Parker
Company: Your Style Homes
Strategies: Developer, Developing, Property investing education
They say: “Property investment should be a positive and stress free experience and we achieve this for our clients by providing an integrated property investment service. We focus on 3 key areas which include property investment education, innovative developments and thorough property management. Property investment starts with education. Our educational events provide experienced advice, property industry resources, the latest market … Read more »
Cathy Jayne Pearce
Strategies: Developer
Former real estate identity Cathy Jayne Pearce — now Cathy Jayne Hogben — to face new fraud claims after crashing Mercedes Benz Read more »
Glenn Piper
Company: Meridian Australia
Strategies: Property blog, Property investing and Renovation education, Real estate agent
He says: “is a licensed real estate agent and the founder and CEO of Meridian Australia. At the age of 29, he now holds 40 properties, with a value of approximately $15 million. Glenn helps everyday Australians do what he has, and build a property portfolio of their own. Glenn has now successfully assisted his clients to invest in over … Read more »
Simon Pressley
Company: Propertyology
Strategies: Buyers agent
They claim: “Building a sustainable investment property portfolio requires skills in a number of important fields. Our multi-award building business helps people make more astute decisions. Our team of specialists provide clients with professional guidance in respect to market research (Australia-wide), buyer’s agency, investment strategies, finance and more. Your best interests is our priority!” Read more »
Property Meeting
Strategies: Networking, Property investing, Property investing education
Property Meeting “was created back in 2010 by a group of experienced property investors who recognised the need for like-minded people to come together to share ideas, exchange contacts and learn from each other in a relaxed social environment. Each State & Territory of Australia hosts local meetings run by ‘seasoned’ property investors with a passion for supporting others.Whether you’re just starting … Read more »
Fred Rasheed
Company: Total Investment Property Solutions TIPS
Strategies: NRAS properties, Property investing education, SMSF properties
They say: “Launching in Adelaide in 2009, Fred Rasheed, CEO of Total Investment Property Solutions (TIPS) and Total Investment Property Management (TIPM) has worked with his team to introduce many first time investors to the benefits of the Adelaide investment property market. TIPS was set up to be able to help first time investors purchase their first Adelaide investment property … Read more »
Company: RealEstateView
Strategies: Property investing hot spots Reports, Property investing tools, Property reports and data
They say: “Launched in 2001, quickly became one of Australia’s leading online property platforms, simplifying the process of buying, renting and selling property. In August 2017 the company rebranded to to better reflect its evolving values and goals – namely that every single home buyer is entitled access to free property data. We are now your property insights … Read more »
Tom Reincke
Company: Wealth with Property
Strategies: Property investing and Renovation education, Property investing education
He says: “Property investment advice, tips, and information found on this web site comes from qualified professionals and every day investors walking their talk. You can read all about it here or if you’re ready to invest right now and want to make a free property service enquiry, simply click … Looking for an Accountant: Beware – I have had an … Read more »
Trent Richards
Company: Trent Richards Developments
Strategies: Developer, Mortgage broker
He says: “has been developing property since 2002 whilst based in Brisbane. Mainly specialising in house and land packages for investors, Trent has also developed medium density projects mainly town houses in Brisbane and Melbourne where he is currently based. With a strong focus on the investment market, Trent knows what needs to build and what finishes are going to … Read more »
Tim Riley
Company: Property Collectives
Strategies: Joint ventures, Property developer
They say: “is a collaborative development model that brings people together to develop inner-city townhouse projects at cost. By working as a collective and increasing group buying power we provide a more affordable alternative for people to own great homes in great locations … We bring groups of like minded individuals together into collectives, source sites and manage projects from inception … Read more »
Mark Rolton
Company: Massland and Conclave
Strategies: Developing, Property options, Property seminars, Wealth education
Cons: Strategy Property Options; Inside Mark Roltons Property Options/(Massland) Course/Seminar, Work with Joshua; Rolton, Massland: Defrauders Review, Massland Group, Conclave Course: Various posts in PropertyChat Mark Rolton; Over promise under deliver: Wealth Seminars – Due Diligence Checks on Promoters: “It makes my skin crawl to see get-rich-quick spruikers (like Mark Rolton) tout themselves with pics of Trump, Robbins, Branson, Kiyosaki etc” Twitter … Read more »
Terry Ryder
Company: Hotspotting
Strategies: Property investing hot spots Reports
Sam Saggers
Company: Positive Real Estate
Strategies: Buying off the plan, Buying wholesale, Property seminars
Cons: various posts on PropertyChat Sam Saggers and Rate the Guru They say: “We provide integrated property investment services. Because investing is easier when all of your experts are on the same team… Learn how to choose properties that can: Create wealth quickly Increase your cash flow Save you thousands of dollars in tax Help you get out of debt fast without … Read more »
Jeremy Sheppard
Company: Empower Wealth Advisory
Strategies: Developing, Property investing hot spots Reports, Real estate data
They claim: “Jeremy is our Director of Research, joining the Empower Wealth family in 2016. Before joining the Empower Wealth group, Jeremy created a suburb scoring algorithm called DSR (Demand to Supply Ratio) which measures the demand and supply of every suburb in Australia to determine their capital growth potential. The DSR research has been featured in: Australian Property Investor … Read more »
David Siacci
Company: The Siacci System
Phillip Sigglekow
Strategies: Developing, Financial education, Property Coaching, Property club, Property investing and Renovation education, Property investors group
They say: “was incorporated to bridge the gap of clients and professional coaches. People who are serious about getting ahead want to know all the mechanics of the different investment strategies. People in the 21 st century require superior knowledge and financial education in order to acquire future wealth and happiness. Mr Philip Sigglekow of the Australian Property Investors Network … Read more »
Anthony Simon
Company: NationalPropertyPortal
Strategies: Source property
They say: “offers a state of the art Cloud Based Platform whereby Professionals involved in the sale of New Property have an opportunity to increase their Income Stream. We bring together a diverse range of off-the-plan house land packages, townhouses and apartments, and make them available through our property portal. To streamline your sales and tracking process, we have developed … Read more »
Simple Home Invest
Company: Simple Home Invest
Strategies: Property financing, Property investing education, Property management
They claim: “Property investing has proven to be one of the most trusted ways for everyday Australians to create true financial security. Unfortunately, many people miss out on this opportunity because they don’t have the knowledge or experience to get it right, and avoid common mistakes. That’s why we created Simple Home Invest with our free service – to empower you with … Read more »
Jane Slack – Smith
Company: Your Property Success
Strategies: Property investing and Renovation education
They say: “Your Property Success is a trusted provider of property investment education in Australia, with the deepest commitment to helping everyday people achieve life changing financial success. We believe that financial literacy is the foundation of creating an extraordinary life, to having choices and the opportunity to grow and the ability to give (because you can’t give something you … Read more »
Smart Property Investment
Strategies: Property resources, Real estate resource
They claim: “Smart Property Investment is the premier source of news, intelligence and information for property investors and home buyers. With insights and investment strategies for buyers and investors across all Australian states, matched with unbiased commentary, features, extensive research tools, state by state reports and real life property investor profiles, Smart Property Investment is the resource for property buyers … Read more »
Ian and Jan Somers
Company: Somersoft
Strategies: Property investing books, Property investing software
They claim: “Somersoft is a publishing company [previously Somersoft Forums, now PropertyChat] that specialises in helping residential property investors. Formed originally in 1989 by Ian and Jan Somers as Somerset Financial Services Pty Ltd, its role has been one of research, analysis and education. While many organisations use our material to assist their clients with investment in property, our company is … Read more »
Jan Somers
Company: Somersoft
Strategies: Forum, Property investing education, Property investment software
OLD “Our Aim: To help fellow investors discover the wonderful benefits that property has to offer…Somersoft is a publishing company that specialises in helping residential property investors. Formed originally in 1989 by Ian and Jan Somers as Somerset Financial Services Pty Ltd, its role has been one of research, analysis and education. While many organisations use our material to assist … Read more »
Peter Spencer
Company: APP Australian Property Panel
Strategies: Developer commission, Property investing education, Source property
They claim: ” We understand that investing can sometimes be daunting, especially for first-time investors. Working nationally, we have simplified years of experience into a tested and proven property investment strategy. We teach and share this strategy at no cost to our clients. We do this primarily through Property Investment Workshops, as well as working one-on-one with clients. We partner … Read more »
Sean Summerville
Company: The Propery King
Strategies: Property investing education, Property seminars
Cons: see threads at PropertyChat. He claims: “[he] began investing in property around 20 years ago using traditional strategies which generally do not produce fast wealth, but over a 25 year period can produce great results. However most people cannot sustain a plan of this type as it usually does not produce sufficient cashflow to be affordable on a normal … Read more »
Peter Sun
Company: Real Estate Millions Secrets
Strategies: Online business, Property investing, Property investing education
Site no longer active. Cons: The 47 Pitch Neil Jenman He claimed:  “Love Australian real Estate? I’m involved in one of Australia’s real estate information products where we show folks how to invest in real estate and create a side cash flow from this … Buying And Selling Secrets Discover 10 ways to sell your property for more than it’s worth … Read more »
Craig Turnbull
Company: Property Millionaire PLBrickraise Hillsfar Property Group Aspire
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing education, real estate
“was born in Fremantle, Western Australia, in 1963. As one of four children in a family that struggled to make ends meet, he learned the value of money early in life and grew up with a keen desire to become wealthy. In 1982, he read the first BRW Rich 200 List and discovered that most of Australia’s wealthiest people either … Read more »
Les Unferdorben
Company: Prosperity Advance
Strategies: Property finance, Property investing education
 He claims: “was the former SA Finance Brokers Association Of Australia President for many years and I am well respected and trusted within the finance and property community. I have a full Australian Real Estate and Credit Licence. Having also been the Director of very successful finance and property investment companies, I now have over 20 years of experience providing … Read more »
Jo Vadillo
Company: Property Women
Strategies: Buyers agent, Mortgage broker, Networking, Property investing, Property investing education, Renovations, Women
and Rachel Barnes Claim: ‘Since 2006 Property Women has educated more women on how to grow wealth through property than any online community in Australia. Want to discover how to you can create a six, seven or even eight-figure property investment portfolio?’   Read more »
Richard Wakelin
Company: Wakelin
Strategies: Buyers agent, Negotiation, Property investing, Property investing education, Real estate agent
They claim: “The Wakelin Approach was developed to assess residential property from an investment perspective. It’s a 7-step process designed to find the best 5 per cent of properties for investment. Most of all, the Wakelin Approach relies on our expert team’s intimate working knowledge of the Melbourne market. When we identify a property as a worthy investment opportunity it’s … Read more »
Gabriel Werden
Strategies: Finance scams, Home Loans, Mortgage broker
Cons: Beware Gabriel Werden | Fake Mortgage Guru ACA – A Current Affair May 2014. Also known as Charlie Crisp. Avoid property scammers such as these if you are thinking of investing in property. See Werden v The Queen [2015] VSCA 72, 22 April 2015   Read more »
Russ Whitney (USA)
Strategies: Life Coach, Mentoring, Property investing education, Wealth education
He claims: “is the epitome of the American Dream: he overcame a difficult childhood and went on to build a solid, successful life as a family man, civic leader, philanthropist, best-selling author, mentor and businessperson. Even as he pursued his legendary business successes, Whitney never neglected the priorities of family, faith and friends. Whitney’s venture, Inner Voice™, grew out of … Read more »
Jason Whitton
Company: Positive Real Estate
Strategies: Buying off the plan, Buying wholesale, Property investing education, Property seminars
Cons: various posts on PropertyChat Sam Saggers and Rate the Guru and Sam Saggers claim: “Over 15 years ago, Positive Real Estate Founder and Chief of Education Jason Whitton set out to create not just a company, but an industry, that didn’t exist in Australia.  Jason’s passion for education and expertise in property investment combined to make him uniquely qualified for the undertaking. … Read more »
Andrew Winter
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing and Renovation education, real estate
He claims: ‘is one of Australia’s leading residential property experts who hosts the award-winning show “Selling Houses Australia” and “Selling Houses Australia Extreme” exclusive to The LifeStyle Channel.Thinking of moving or buying? Before you do, take a look at Andrew Winter’s Australian Real Estate Guide … Having worked for over 25 years within the global property market, I have experienced … Read more »
Michael Yardney
Company: Metropole Michael Yardney's Property Updates
Strategies: Business investing, Buyers agent, Developing, Financial planning, Free property report, Property investing education, Property investing podcast, Renovations, Superannuation, wealth management
Pros/Cons: see various posts Metropole and Michael Yardney in PropertyChat and Somersoft Forums. He claims: “[to be] Australia’s leading expert in wealth creation Michael Yardney has been voted one of Australia’s 50 most influential Thought Leaders. And while he is best known as a property expert, Michael is also Australia’s leading expert in the psychology of success and wealth creation. Michael is a #1 … Read more »
Daniel Young
Company: BInvested
Strategies: Mortgage broker, Positive cash flow, Property investing education, Property investing tools
Pros/Cons: See discussions in PropertyChat forum.  They claim: ‘… BInvested is Australia’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors, BUT we are not your average, normal property investment company (in case you haven’t noticed!). We were founded by two young, top-gun property investors Nathan Birch and Daniel Young, who set out with the specific goal of helping others achieve their financial independence through … Read more »
Kevin Young
Company: Property Club previously Investors Club
Strategies: Property investing club
Cons: PropertyChat forum Property club threads;Property investment scheme faces claims of misleading conduct 7.30 Report; BFCSA: Secrets of The Investors Club (renamed The Property Club) boasted $4 Billion in Mortgages up to 2005 Denise Brailey;  Property Club investors in Australia are facing losses of as much as $300,000 News; Property Club investors stung with 45 pc mortgage repayment increases AFR; Thanks TIC … Somersoft (now PropertyChat) Forum;  Margaret … Read more »
Stuart Zadel
Company: Zadel Property Education
Strategies: Property investing education, Renovations, Wealth education
Pros/Cons: PropertyChat forums search Stuart Zadel, Rate the Guru and They say: “Formed in 2007, Zadel Property Education Pty Ltd (ZPE) is an Australian wealth education company, providing free and paid workshops in six major capital cities across the country. ZPE provides access to specialist education and delivers expert insights into strategies designed to achieve results in the current Australian market. These strategies aim to provide … Read more »
Paul Zalitis
Company: The Aussie Wrapper
Strategies: rent to buy, wraps
Pros/Cons: Strategy Wraps see PropertyChat Forums He claims: “Here’s exactly what YOU need to know, right now, about positive cash flow property investing — from an investor with 20 plus years experience! Inside this FREE interview you’ll discover …  The top 3 things you need to be successful — and how much experience you’ll need The type of person who … Read more »
Stephen Zamykal
Company: Property Rich
Strategies: Property investing, Property investing education
They say: “Do you want to learn how to choose the best investment properties, double the value of your investments every 7–8 years and do it all using only the bank’s money? Property Rich shows you how. This site has been created by Melissa Opie aka “The Property Lady” and Stephen Zamykal to complement the 2010 book, Property Rich. This … Read more »
Adrian and Amber Zenere
Company: Zenere Red Armchair Entrepreneurs and Architects
Strategies: Architect, Developer, Entrepreneur
They claim: “have built a sustainable real estate development business using their architectural knowledge, building skills and property investing background. With over 25 years experience in design and development they established their busy Sydney architectural practice ‘archizen holistic architects’ in 1998 which specialises in traditional to contemporary eco-sustainable development design solutions. Their area of expertise is in Responsible Environmental Development … Read more »

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