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Renting Vs Buying; Rentvesting

BiG Tips: Would you be better off buying or renting a your own home, whether it’s an apartment, townhouse, house or other?
It’s an age old debate with many pros and cons and ultimately depends on your attitude, goals, resources and other factors.
These resources might help you decide.

Rent or Buy Calculator, Your Mortgage. They say: “This calculator shows you how your finances will look seven years after buying a home or continuing to rent, allowing you to make an informed decision between the two.”

Renting vs Buying. Which is better? – Canstar
Cheaper to rent than buy? The debate continues, David Potts – SMH
Buying Or Renting: Which Is The Right Choice For You?, Property Man APM


Owning a home was once a cornerstone of the Great Australian Dream. However, thanks to skyrocketing property prices in many parts of the country the dream is starting to take a different shape for some buyers: rentvesting. Instead of buying the property they want, rentvesters keep renting in an area they like living in. Then they buy a more affordable investment property somewhere else. They may never live there but they own a property and they’re paying it off. For some Australians, it’s their best shot at entering the market.

Rentvesting, Finder

Rentvesting: What, Why And Who Is It For With Peter Mastroianni Podcast

Rentvesting Margaret Lomas YouTube

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