Wealth Creation

What should you spend your time, energy and money on? Some tips for making better investing choices.

Talking investing with most people is often polarising, because they’re either:

  • confused because they don’t know what’s the ‘right’ thing to invest in. Everyone’s got an opinion or is a so called expert, how do you find independent, unbiased advice? Or,
  • have rusted on, firm views that they defend to the death as ‘right’ – based on their own, or others’ good or bad experiences, successes and failures

But investing in your life, just like investing money, isn’t black or white.There are always pros and cons to decisions you make on who, what, why and when to spend your precious resources of time, energy and money.
But how do you avoid mistakes and make the ‘right’ choice?

Caught up in a London street protest over proposed public service cuts, my family and I came across these two divergent views (protester v bystander). One’s “Mad as Hell”  the other telling them to “Stop Whingeing”.

You might be mad as hell that you don’t have everything you want and life isn’t as free, easy, or independent as you’d like. But  if you really want change, maybe stop whingeing and do something – as both these protesters did.

Life, money and investing choices and Best investment Gurus (BiG) aren’t about being ‘right’. They’re about finding transparent, non Google algorithm biased,  people, ideas, opinions, knowledge and experience. .

Take a wander through Best investment Gurus (BiG) especially Spending Your Money and get yourself lost (in a fun way) exploring and choosing for yourself, all the fabulous information, ideas, tools, tips and tricks from experts and ‘gurus’ – good, bad and ugly from Australia and around the world.
Whether you’re into investing in You, Wealth, Business, Property or Shares and looking for ‘gurus’ in those industries.
Or, what Analysts and Commentators are there to guide you or get you out of trouble or stop you making huge mistakes.
Or, the Guru Cops who could get you out of a pickle or where you can complain, or take action against, a bad operator or scammer – maybe even get your money back!

All the best.

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