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Updated August 2022

Sir Richard Branson answered the million dollar question again in Adelaide a few years ago.

What’s your tip or secret to building a successful business?  It’s simply this he replied  “just take something that isn’t being done very well and do it better”.

At the same event and in part from insights from Kerry Packer, Mark Bouris said:

there are no bloody secrets to success” just:

  • know and manage what you can and can’t control
  • know your business purpose
  • know and understand your clients, and
  • follow old fashioned principles such as integrity and a hard work ethic
    Mark Bouris

But you’ve gotta feel sorry for Sir Rich, Mark and other investing celebrities. They understand their name on the billing of any event, such as the National Achievers Congress touring Australia, will pull an audience. So too a herd of seminar junkies needing just that last  tip so their life or business can go galactic! Despite being guaranteed adoring fans and a stage to promote Virgin Unite (his truly inspiring way of tackling some major world problems), Sir Rich always seems a little uncomfortable when asked the same questions about his life and success tips. He must wonder if the credibility others get by being photographed with him, or appearing on the same stage – has its risks.

Investment seminars aren’t everyone’s thing. But going by the huge number of them and people that go to them (whether a little embarrassed, and excusing it ‘just to see Sir Richard’ or whoever), or self confessed junkies – they work for many. They particularly work for those presenters and gurus adept at marketing and public speaking and who can connect with their target markets. You get to see the strategies of selling a product or service, executed at their best and by the best (and some aspirants!). So it’s little wonder that many businesses send their sales staff – to be trained, motivated and inspired.

So who are your investing, business or life gurus? Do  you take  the yearly pilgrimage to the Warren Buffett gatherings that the Barefoot Investor treks to? Or is it transformational speaker Anthony Robbins?  Someone less of a rock star? Or none?

Our information age, the internet and digital technology mean that if you’re looking for experts or the most recognised in any field you can easily find them. You can also get huge amounts of information – so much of it for free. So explore our site, especially our BiG Books, and you’ll find many of them, our experiences and those of others.

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