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Share investment gurus

 ‘Experts’ who give advice on investing in shares, options, commodities and the like

This section is for you if you’re looking to make money by investing in shares, options, commodities (like gold, bitcoin and more).

The gurus here generally give information and advice on share investments (not financial planners who’ll you’ll find in our BiG Directory). They mostly use a certain method or strategy.


Below is our Traffic Light™  rating system. The ‘about’ column quotes their marketing blurb, so I don’t misrepresent or misquote their claims, and so you can quickly see if what they do interests you.

Jordan Belforte (USA)
Strategies: Share trading, share market investing and trading
Belforte (see Wikipedia) (aka the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’) is a convicted former USA stockbroker with 2 autobiographical books,  retold in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). The Aussie tale that the Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort won’t tell. Now a motivational speaker, Belforte walked out of an Australian 60 Minutes interview when questioned about his income, … Read more »
He claims: “is the author of 2005’s best-selling The Bull Hunter. A specialist in small-cap stocks, Dan draws on his network of global contacts from his base in Melbourne, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to The Daily Reckoning Australia.” Read more »
George Fokas
Company: Fokas Beyond Knowledge Source
Strategies: Share trading seminars, share market investing and trading
Check out comments Pro and Con at Property Chat He claims: “Fokas Beyond educates like-minded individuals as to how to invest in the Stock Market whilst understanding the risks. We don’t use the traditional Buy and Hold strategy. The Fokas Beyond team brings a combined experience of over 20 years in the stock market which allows us to personally guide … Read more »
Dale Gillham
Company: Your Trading Mentor Wealth Within
Strategies: share market investing and trading
” … for the last twenty years or so, I’ve been helping people just like you discover profitable methods for investing in the share market. I got my start in the industry working for a local bank in my home town of Geelong in Victoria, Australia, before moving into financial services. It was during this time I discovered my true … Read more »
Under the Radar
Company: Under the Radar
Strategies: Share research subscription, Shares-small caps
A number of investors in various forums and Facebook groups use and recommend this service. They claim: “is an independent niche research house which produces research newsletters for investors on the ASX. We are paid by our subscribers and are incentivized by our subscribers making money from our research and re-subscribing. And that’s what our subscribers do. Our analysts scour … Read more »
Daniel Kertcher
Company: Trading Pursuits
Strategies: Options trading, Share trading education, share market investing and trading
Cons: Daniel Kertcher/Trading Pursuits – Serious or Scam? Kertcher claims: “We don’t believe in “get rich quick” programs – only in sharing practical trading knowledge, adding value, inspiring confidence and teaching intelligent risk management techniques. Our programs are designed to expand your knowledge and support your financial analysis while growing your trading confidence. We do not make any guarantees about your ability to … Read more »
Daniel Kertcher
Strategies: cfds, options
Greg Speicher (USA)
Strategies: share market investing and trading
He claims: “gives you the best ideas culled from the world’s greatest investors [to generate market-beating investment results]. In The Intelligent Investor, Graham said that enterprising investing would not be worth it if you could not add 5% to your annual returns. Buffett’s express goal is to beat the S&P 500. That’s the point of enterprising investing – to generate … Read more »
Gary Stone
Company: Share Wealth Systems
Strategies: Share market education, Share trading, share market investing and trading
Products: “Blueprint To Wealth”, the SPA3 Investor investment methodology They claim: “This is a quick story about how I got started and how my team and I can help you. Over a quarter of a century ago, I started trading the financial markets. Yes… I actually started back in the 1989. Personally, I saw the markets as a means to give … Read more »
Sir John Templeton
Company: John Templeton Foundation
Strategies: Philanthropy, share market investing and trading
“As a pioneer in both financial investment and philanthropy, the late Sir John Templeton spent a lifetime encouraging open-mindedness. If he had not sought new paths, he once said, “I would have been unable to attain so many goals.” The motto that Sir John created for his Foundation, “How little we know, how eager to learn,” exemplified his philosophy both … Read more »
Mark Vandersluys
Company: Bullion Mark
Strategies: Gold
Site inactive? He claims: “is Australia’s leading gold bullion dealer with wholesale gold pricing available to retail and institutional clients. Our educational information ranges from videos for new gold bullion investors though to industry leading gold research for sophisticated and professional investors. Our free proprietary MyVault platform includes state of the art tools and charting functions which enable you to … Read more »

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