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Sunrise interviews mum investor – How to Own 20 Properties worth $6 million in 2yrs.

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Like many of us you might have always wanted to get started on a real estate investment portfolio. You might watch the Sunrise video interview  and be inspired, thinking  ‘if she can, so can I’ , but be careful! Not sure that she’s an “accidental property baron”. David Koch was a little wary of property investment seminars and education, high levels of debt and  Reserve Bank warnings about possible interest rate rises.

I love property investing, but it is a jungle out there, plans can change and life can get in the way! Here’s a photo of a property we developed, and despite our buy and hold strategy, after circumstances changed we decided to sell after 2yrs.

Don’t make 2 of the most common mistakes investors make:

  1. Not having an investment strategy.
  2. Not having an exit strategy.

Our initial Traffic Light System rating of this property investment adviser Nathan Birch and his company Binvested  is Yellow. But this may vary depending on feedback from investors and a closer look at their methodology. Overall the strategies they suggest appear sound – buy properties below market value, with neutral or positive cash flow. Although they don’t specifically choose ‘hot spots’, nor ‘time’ when to buy. Sounds simple, but whether property investing is for you and what strategy is best for you, is not so simple.

If you’re ready to buy a property, before you sign up for any property investing seminar, programme, service or advice please get independent advice from an accountant, financial planner, or just do a little of your own research.

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We’ll bring you more reviews, ratings, tips, tools and strategies as we build our site and would love your feedback.

All the very best with your investing.

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