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Teaching Kids about Money

BiG Tip: Many of us have had little, or no, financial education and are financially illiterate (you’ll find more on these topics throughout BiG). So how do you avoid financial mistakes and teach your own children about money?

These sites will help you set your kids up for a better financial future, you’ll probably learn a few things yourself!

Teaching Kids about Money ASIC MoneySmart and some AMAZING Teaching Resources – all FREE

Nicole’s Smart Money Start [SMS] for high school students, Nicole Pederson-McKinnon, she says “[SMS] educates and enthuses high school students about the make-or-break topic of money. The multi-media financial literacy presentation dovetails with content in the curriculum. Nicole has worked closely with Paul Clitheroe, Financial Literacy Australia and ASIC, and is an official presenter on the government’s financial literacy website MoneySmart. Smart Money Smart features television segments, apps, social media and unique online-forecasting tools that show students exactly what they could achieve and when. Nicole also shares stories and shows clips of her work with Rove, Kochie, Tracey Grimshaw, Larry Emdur and 7News.It is suitable for cohorts from Year 9 to Year 12 and runs the length of one lesson or longer. A presentation specifically tailored for female students, dealing with their particular financial challenges, is also available.”

Watch Nicole, Why I’m passionate about getting Aussies MoneySmart
What to teach our daughters about money, SMH, Nicole Pedersen-Mc Kinnon

Journey Skills Leading Young People With Additional Needs Toward Greater Independence, Debra and Graham Caldow

Khan Academy You Tube [USA] and Website

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