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Corruption and Financiers Behaving Badly. The Corruption and Bad Practices by some Financial Planners, Banks, Insurers and Fund Managers – Exposed by the Banking Royal Commission (aka The Hayne Royal Commission).

Updated September 2023

BiG Tips: None of us want to lose our hard earned cash or savings. Unfortunately there are, and will always be conmen and unscrupulous practices around money. The Guru Cops BiG lists helps you identify people and companies to avoid, and if you’re taken advantage, will show you some remedies .
Here too are some useful books, and dubious practices exposed by The Hayne Royal Commission into the Australian financial system.

Five must-read books on the banking royal commission Susan Healy, Money 2019. She says: If you have a bank account, insurance policy, and financial planner or belong to a superannuation fund, you want to avoid the wrong ones. One way is to understand the DNA of the companies behind these financial services. But up until last year, journalists had limited evidence of bad practices, extortionate fees and detrimental, inflexible terms. Enter the royal commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services, along with commissioner Kenneth Hayne and his legal team. They uncovered so much corruption, self-interest and excess that an estimated $10 billion compensation will be paid to back to customers.
Banking Bad, Adele Ferguson
A Wunch of Bankers: A Year In The Hayne Royal Commission, Daniel Ziffer
Money SpinnersAnnelise Nielsen
It’s Your Money, Alan Kohler
The People Versus The BanksMichael Roddan

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