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BiG Tips: How much do you spend on vitamins, alternative medicines and other stuff to get a healthier, better you? How do you know whether it’s worth your time, energy and money – or not? Should you buy into a franchise or business, is it a good investment or not?
Some of BiG’s Guru Cops have some tips and ideas on false claims, what to watch out for and who regulate them and some of the false and misleading claims they make (with varying success!) . Here’s some help so you can analyse some of the claims:

Health and nutrition products:
Science-Based Medicine looks at Critical Thinking (see Don’t Believe What You Think) and checks alternative Health and Complementary Medicine claims.

Even our National Treasure Maggie Beer has been the victim of false claims see her Keto weightloss gummies scam warning

We are aware that there are a series of sneaky Keto/Weightloss advertisements circulating online that is falsely using Maggie’s name and images and indicating that she is an endorser.
Please be advised that Maggie is not associated with this product or business in any way and we understand it to be a scam.

Please don’t click on links or give any personal information or payment details to these people, they will take your money.

If you have been impacted by this scam or want to raise further concerns, please contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission at or Scamwatch at
Please share this information with your family and friends.

Team MB


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