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The Traffic Light Rating System

With the Traffic Light™ system BiG rates people and companies who sell products and services (advice, information, coaching, mentoring) in many areas of investing. I search for online reviews or links about them, look at their claims, “success stories”, life experience, qualifications, training and more.

Have you noticed that in this online world of ours, Google and Facebook algorithms first show you paid ads (sponsored content) then rank sites (information and stuff based on your previous searches. Just compare a search you and a friend do on your devices – your results will be different. Using collected data too Facebook also suggests pages and friends.
Businesses use this data and analysis using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to target ads and information to you. Your own little secret information silo, that you have little control over.
Can you trust the information you get, especially in the investing industry? Your time, money and sanity are on the line!
So, I examine as best I can, if there’s substance to their claims and if

they really can help you get the results you want.

NOTE: I don’t ‘rate’ formally qualified or registered financial planners or advisers. There are lots of rating sites for registered financial planners and investment advisers, you’ll find some of these in the BiG Directory

how it works

To make it easier for you, I’ve broken my research into 5 main investing areas.

I’ve found lots of life, money and investing gurus for you and constantly add information, strategies and gurus. Whoever and whatever’s around in the media, on the internet and sharing experiences (mine and others).

Check out my life, money and investing research:

I’ve found information, comments and feedback, and share them with you:



– and pros and cons (can anyone use their strategies or are they complex, requiring specific skills, and are they conservative or high risk?)



– any peers or analysts with any ‘issues’ with the guru or their strategies or practices (these are from non-friends)



– individuals or organisations there to protect us from others or ourselves (these are usually non-friends  and government or non-government people or organisations)


Their ASSOCIATES (friends)

– business associates or other connections



– from clients and others

The best part of this is that I try my best to be objective and unbiased with the ratings. I’m not tied to any particular expert or guru. Investing involves so many variables, and opinions differ depending on your personal circumstances. My  reviews and ratings are snapshots of the information and opinions available at the time.

Rating investment gurus using the BiG Traffic Light™ system

The red, yellow or green rating is an opinion formed from information I’ve found (yours may be different).

Red – Stop and think

There appears to be negative information and feedback. Some ‘guru cops’ or contrarians might have criticised them and/or their methods or strategies. They might not suit most investors, or use riskier strategies.

Yellow – Get ready to go

There are no, or few contrarians, but there still isn’t  enough information or friends to confidentially continue. Their strategies may be complex or out of the ordinary, and you may need special skills or resources to succeed with them.

Green – Good to go

From my experience and that of others, and from all the information available,  if you follow them and their systems – it’s likely you’ll achieve investing success.

You should ALWAYS make sure any of our opinions suit your personal circumstance, and please, seek advice from professional advisors.

Whether or not you choose to follow a particular guru or strategy is up to you.

Gurus will be reviewed and re-rated at any time depending on feedback, comments or further information received.

Please remember that my purpose is to educate and inform, not to be a sounding board for disgruntled investors.

And of course, we’d love for you to share your opinions and comments with to help others.

Start your investing on the right foot


My investment guru rating system has been built on years of research and experience 

By sharing the many sources of financial and investing advice, advisors and other service providers I’ve discovered, you’ll be able to get on your investing path much more quickly.

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spending your money

What area of life, money and investing will you explore?

Disclaimer: The information and comments in this site are general in nature, opinion only and don’t take your personal financial circumstances into account. Our aim is purely to educate you and show you people and organisations in the finance and investing industries you may, or may not, choose to contact for personal financial advice. Any claims or comments of others are strictly those of the cited individual and not endorsed by Andrea or Best investment Gurus. Before you take any financial or investing action or buy any service or product - get your own independent financial advice, tailored to your specific needs.

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