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A traditional French Christmas turkey cooking tip – rest it for the same period of time as you cook it.






This Gordon Ramsay cooking idea may be worth trying – and applying to investing!  Like compound interest, letting what you’ve created take the time to gradually develop and grow. This time of year is a great opportunity to cook up a storm, create and spend  time on personal and financial investments. Investing books, subscriptions etc make great presents – for yourself or others. Just some ideas from a few of my favourite investment gurus:

  • Scott Pape (The Barefoot Investor) has 3 ‘fail safe  Christmas present ideas’: The Age of Context, Robert Scobies and Shei Israel; Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman –  “one of the best money management books I’ve ever read”; and The Everything Store, Brad Stone.

He also has a new free e book. Learn how to…

Triple your money in ten years
Lower your tax bill with one simple step
Follow common sense to incredible wealth

  • Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report has a Christmas offer for a subscription gift for friends as well as some good reads – James Kirby: 10 things you must do in 2014 ; Doug Turek: 2013: The year that was; Robert Gottliebsen: 12 predictions for 2014; and Adam Carr: Investment lessons from 2013.

Gotta love him:

“You’ll be pleased to know I’ve quit the prediction business. I really don’t know what’s going to happen next year so I think the wisest course – for both of us! – is to ensure that our wealth and happiness does not depend on correctly predicting the future. Let’s stick with well-managed companies in decent industries that can ride the good times and buck the downtrends. At least that’s the theory.” (A quote from his oh so witty Weekend Briefings – the Eureka Report subscription is worth these alone!).  He suggests (and outlines) looking at these themes:

    1. Australian employment
    2. American employment
    3. The automation revolution
    4. Global trade
    5. Government reform

He signs off with this clever video Deck the Halls with Macro Follies – if  “your family’s holiday spirit and cheque book are suffering from the fallacy that consumer spending grows the economy.” And only as he can …

“The best charts and graphics of 2013, according to this website at least. And they are pretty good.”

  • The Margaret Lomas  Essential Property Education course is about to kick off in the New Year. I can recommend doing it you’ll learn great investing basics.
  • Tony Robbins has his “New Year, New Life 2014 Success Guide”

Time now to finish the Christmas shopping and preparations! Wishing you all a happy, relaxing and fun Christmas and 2014, I look forward to bringing you lots more investing information, ideas, tips and gurus. Keep an eye on the BiG Facebook page where we’ll keep you up to date with useful posts as we trawl through our BiG in box …


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