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Understanding and Managing Your Money: Publishers, Articles, Books, and Courses on things like Saving, Loans, Credit Scores, Investing 101, Micro-investing…

BiG Tips: To stop you wasting your time, energy and money on some of the rubbish money and finance information you’ll find online, here are some credible sources and resources. Don’t forget too to check out Analysts and Commentators and some of the green or yellow gurus in your area of interest for more ideas.

Understanding and Managing Your Money

  • Understanding Money – How to make it work for you, Australian Government
  • MoneyMinded (ANZ and others). They say “is an adult financial education program developed by ANZ in 2002 in consultation with community and government stakeholders and education experts. Whether you’re looking to create a budget, reduce your debt or start saving, there’s something for you… How does it work. MoneyMinded is made up of a series of interactive activities that are designed to improve your money management skills. You can complete any of the activities at any time and at no cost to you. You  don’t need to be an ANZ customer and ANZ will not promote their products or services.”
  • MoneySmart and their Free Budget Planner
  • She’s on the Money, Victoria Devine. Check out her Budgeting and Cashflow Masterclass
  • Learn about Investing It’s About Wealth and Me, Noel Whittaker
  • Firstlinks, They say: ” (formerly Cuffelinks) is a publishing service providing content written by financial market professionals with experience in wealth management, superannuation, banking, academia and financial advice.”
  • BootCamp: an online course to hone your investing skills from InvestSMART

    Course structure:
    “Module 1 – Investment Planning, Investment Planning Overview, Financial Goals, Time Horizon, Risk Profile, How much to invest? The Power of Compound Returns
    Module 2 – Investment Diversification, Diversification Overview, What are asset classes, Sequencing risk, Different blends of asset classes, Alignment with investment time frame, Rebalancing Your Portfolio
    Module 3 – Different Investment Vehicles, Investment Vehicles Overview, Shares, Managed Funds, ETFs, Managed portfolios, Cash & Bonds
    Module 4 – Investment Strategies, Investment Strategies Overview, Active vs Passive, Core & Satellite, Value Investing, Technical Analysis, Income, Income Based Strategies, Market Timing
    Module 5 – Investor Psychology, Investor Psychology Overview, What holds you back, What tempts you to invest, Biases and their Solutions, Common mistakes”
  • Rask AustraliaThey say: “[Rask] is a diversified investment advice, news, research, financial education, podcast and money network which is Australian-owned and created right here in sunny Melbourne. Our company was founded in 2017 by Owen Raszkiewicz, originally to provide financial and investment education to the majority of Australians and Kiwis who go without. We’re on a mission to have 10,000 students enrolled in our free finance courses.”
    Lots of brilliant finance and investing resources, many Free Courses eg FIREAustralian Finance PodcastThey say: “Your crash course guide to sorting out your finances… every Monday” and  Australian Investors Podcast, with transcripts! They say: “[has] Insights, information and strategies to help you invest your time and money… every Wednesday
    Check out their 10-Step Free Financial Independence Ultimate Course [FIRE] and more. FREE

    Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Investing and Personal Finances Courses:

Saving, loans, credit scores

Micro- investing

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