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I understand Best investment Gurus may not appeal to all people, all the time.

You’re welcome to rejoin and access BiG’s resources and benefits at any time.

Just a reminder below of some of them.

Wishing you success, health and happiness.

SPENDING YOUR MONEY explains how ‘gurus’ are rated and shows you Guru Cops – there to protect you and keep their beady eyes on finance and investing peeps (with varying degrees of success).
The 5 investing areas each have their own drop down menus “Gurus” and “Topics and Strategies”:
Wealth – Gurus and Topics and Strategies
Business – Gurus and Topics and Strategies
Property – Gurus and Topics and Strategies
Shares – Gurus and Topics and Strategies
You – Gurus and Topics and Strategies

Analysts and Commentators (aren’t ‘rated’) help you find experts with a broader, often more objective overview of life, money and investing options.
The BiG Directory has lists, directories and comparison sites for useful products or services, and how to find and choose them (eg professionals, such as financial planners, real estate agents, business advisers and  other service providers ). I’ll add to the Directory as I find good providers.

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